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Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Review: Man, They Go By Fast!

A Christmas Coat for August given to him by  Diane and Angie 
How was your weekend?  Did you do some Christmas shopping, or maybe some decorating, or maybe you spent the weekend baking?  It always amazes me how fast it goes by and before I know it, it's Monday again. Friday night we finished taking down all the fall decorations and getting up the Christmas ones that we are putting up this year. We are scaling back a lot to accommodate the puppy.
Fall was all over the table.
Now, it's nice and clean and looks more inviting. 
 I spent Saturday doing all the usual stuff, cleaning, grocery shopping, you know, all the stuff you all did as well.  I also worked a bit on our front yard. The leaves still have not been raked and so I started to put a dent in it. I hope to have it done before we get snow.  We have rain coming Tuesday.

Sunday, we had a great worship service in the morning, grand kids in the afternoon and a great small group study at night. In between I made a play coat for August. He is growing so fast that it doesn't a lot of sense to keep buying him new coats. So I made one while he played on the floor next to me.
 Oh, I did have one thing happen to me, I took the dogs out early Saturday morning and while they were out there I head a Coyote!  It was really, really close to so I ran down the stairs with a flashlight! Now there's protection for you!  I guess I thought that if I flashed the light in the eyes of the coyote that I could   scare it off and get the dogs back inside. Not a great plan mind you as I thought about it later.  As it turned out, I was able to scoop August up and Becke and I ran up the stairs and back into the house.  It was not in our yard, it was on the other side of the fence. Still the sound of a coyote is very unnerving and I hope I don't hear one that close to me ever again!  

See just a normal weekend around here. So how was your weekend?


  1. That Christmas coat is too cute! Take care round the coyotes...we have them here. My dog is huge but the little dogs are vulnerable. Our weekend was fun but busy...trying to organize my thoughts for a post this morning.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. How scary to be that close to coyotes! I spent my weekend shopping and wrapping presents. August looks so cute in the coat. Have a great Monday!

  3. Love your puppies' new coats and your Christmas decorations! Coyotes are very scary. We have them around here too and hear them at night sometimes.

  4. Living in the city, you would think that coyotes wouldn't be a problem, but by son who lives by a golf course, can't let his dog out unless he is with it and it is on a leash. That is one snazzy dog coat.

  5. We hear coyotes here, too, at night. We've never seen one, but our neighbor did ... in the middle of the night, she looked outside and saw one trotting down the middle of our street! Yikes!

    Love that dog coat ... excellent idea to make them rather than buy them ... saves money and allows you to customize the fabrics and fit. ;-)

  6. Aww...cute doggie coat! We have coyotes here, too. I always worry about them catching my cats.

    Scaling back Christmas decorations for the new puppy...spoken just like a "new mom" :)

  7. Those coyotes are pretty smart too. We had them really close where we used to live before we moved down here. They would literally walk the fence line. We never sent Koda out day or night without us going out with him (and we had a really small fenced back yard). They howled a lot some nights and Koda would be barking at them. I did see one, one night just at the outer part of our fence, almost like it was stalking Koda. So it was good you got both August and Bekke back inside the house!

    Sounds like you had a busy productive weekend!


  8. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad the coyote wasn't in your yard! How scary. Clancy and I have seen coyotes twice while walking, and I was glad they were quite far away. I got a kick out of seeing them, but only because they weren't close to us!

    The coats for August are too cute for words!

  9. It does go by too fast. I got some decorating done but not enough. Cute coat for August. We have a fenced in yard with what they call cat fencing along the back because we are a view home. I don't trust the coyotes or the owls so we take Skye out on a leash in the dark!


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