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Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Review: 13 Days Until Christmas.

   Well, it's 13 days till Christmas, are you panicked yet? I hope not. Is your shopping done yet? I hope you have a least a big dent in it.  How about the baking? Done yet and all in the freezer? Now don't panic, you still have time to get it all done.  
   Part of the Holiday Joy this time of year are all the parties. There is the office party, the spouse's office party, the Church party, the neighborhood party. If you have children, there is the class party, the after school party, the after school activity party and the family party.  WOW can you add more to that list? I bet some of you can. And that is only Christmas, let's not talk about the New Year's Parties! That is a lot of parties and a lot of food.  No wonder so many people gain the Holiday 10 and why so many start the new Diet January 2nd.  Not to worry, there are some things you can do to help your self from feeling all the guilt of the Holiday 10.

1. Start every event with a prayer.  Having a little talk with God and knowing He is looking out for you is a good way to remember why we are celebrating Christmas.

2. Ask if you can bring something and then bring something that you can eat. Are you on a low fat lifestyle, then bring fruit or a  low fat dessert. Are you living a low carb lifestyle, then bring cheese and sliced turkey breast.  Are you a diabetic, dig out that diabetic cook book and makes something wonderful out of it. By bringing something you can eat, you are not as tempted to eat a lot of the other things you see on the table. 

3. Eat something before you leave for the party. You will not be as hungry.

4. Drink a large glass of water. You will feel fuller and feeling fuller is better for you.

5. If the food is all lined up in the dinning room, hang out in the kitchen. Why be in there getting tempted?

6. The reason for the get together is to enjoy each other's company. People make the party, don't let the food make the party.

7. Have something in your hands like a cup of coffee. It's hard to put it down in order to pick up those treats that are all over the place.

8. Walk around the food table and look at it all (no calories or fat or sugar in looking) then decide what is the best thing for you and put those things on your plate (a small plate). There will be no room for the other tempting things.

9. Parties are suppose to be fun, see that Chocolate Lava Cake that is calling you....have a small piece. Smile, it's  Christmas time and you are making good choices.

10. Go for a walk, ride the bike, jump on the abs swing,  learn yoga, dance to the Wii. MOVE, it will help you burn off those extra calories, carbs, sugar and it will remind you that you are living a life style choice and not a diet. 

Before you know it, the parties are all over and you got to enjoy the season, enjoy the people, enjoy the food and enjoy life. 


  1. Great advice Lynn Marie. I have a hard time keeping away from the chocolate so I will try a few of your suggestions. Thanks!

  2. I personally enjoy the parties where the food is in the dining room...that is not where most tend to hang out. When its in the kitchen its harder to avoid. We were at a party Friday night and so busy talking we pretty much missed the food. Some friends came home with us afterwards and I ended up fixing a snack for everyone. I have the most trouble reisisting snacking as I'm baking : )

  3. Excellent advice. It IS possible to get through the holiday season without packing on the pounds. ;-)

  4. Good strategy to survive the holidays and have no regrets. Thanks.

  5. Great advice! I used to get absolutely tired of eating those rich party foods by the time Christmas arrived. I'm glad most of my partying days are behind me. Only 2 to attend this year.

  6. I'm not paniced. Almost done shopping. Baking will happen the week of the 19th. Decorating is not done but I've made a big dent in it. Tomorrow I will do cards and gifts for out of town. Those are great suggestions for the party scene. We only have one dinner party at a restaurant.

  7. All great advice; I know when I went through a weight loss clinic a few years back (slow learner, had to go through it two times and then still managed to gain the weight back LOL) they said the same thing to eat something before a gathering (preferably protein) and to bring something to share that was healthy that you could eat.

    Not doing much for the holidays but what I'm doing is coming along pretty good. My biggest worry is the last minute cooking I have to do (okay hubby has to do) 12/23 and 12/24 for things I promised for son (rum cake, his favorite pasta salad, meal for community group Christmas gathering). Most of that can't be made ahead. So it will be challenging to get it all done, but we will!


  8. These are all great suggestions, and things I am going to keep in mind. I especially like the idea of keeping something in my hand like a cup of coffee. I'm terrible about nibbling at parties, so I'm going to try this and keep my paws off treats! Thanks for sharing! :)


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