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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The First Signs of Spring!!!

What are the first signs of Spring for you? Is it plants popping up, breaking through the ground, longer days, the heat from the sun streaming into your home, the ability to open windows during the day or is it hanging laundry outside?  Here is the first sign of Spring for me.
My fist catalog of the new year...look closer

"Spring 2012"

Be still my heart!  So there may be snow on the ground, but there is Spring on my coffee table!! And I am smiling.  So what is your first sign of spring?


  1. I am enjoying watching the first snow of the year, but am happy you love the spring and summer best. My first sign of Spring came about a week ago; seed catalogs for the garden! :)

  2. I got that same catalog yesterday! For the past week, I've been planning and drawing out my garden - you could say that I'm ready for Spring!

  3. Tulips starting to pop up that says spring to me. ;-) I'm enjoying the snow that's falling now, but I look forward to bring. ;-)

  4. Here is Phoenix, where the seasons are warm and hot, there aren't the obvious signs of spring. But a drive north, when the desert starts to bloom is a sure sign of spring.


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