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Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter is Here - Keep your Pet Warm

We all love seeing small dogs in winter coats. Our little August is getting bigger and at the moment his butt is higher than his shoulders so when he runs he face plants a lot. That includes outside in the snow.  I can do some sewing for him and so I made him several coats. All of the ones I made are reversible so for the work of one coat, I have two.  Coats are easy to make and there are lots of free patterns on the web. You web people are so wonderful and share so much.  I am grateful for all the free patterns I have found. 

Because August is so little, I can use the extra material to make him a matching harness.  I have his tags on a little tag holder that quickly comes off one harness and onto the next.  

But larger dogs can benefit from winter coats as well. Older dogs can have a harder time maintaining body temperature as well, as well as dogs with compromised immune systems for any number of reasons.
Becke, the Wonder Dog will be 12 years old on January 30th. It's 12 degrees up here in NH and yes, she has a coat. Several in fact.

 This one was made from a bath robe material

And it is reversible as well.
My friend Anu has a great newsletter that deals with caring for your dog without breaking the bank and she wrote a great article this month on more tips for keeping your dog warm and why that's important. You can find the article here at More Bark for your Buck.  If you have a pet, this newsletter is a great way to see how others cut the cost of owning a pet without cutting the joy. Join her mailing list, and every month you will get great advice on caring for your pet. Yes, she gave me a kind shout out in her article, but even without that, it's a great article and timely with winter still bearing down on many of us.  Have a great weekend everyone. Stay warm.


  1. Your babies look adorable sporting their new coats! And what a creative way to make them out of bathrobes. Stay warm!

  2. What a good dog mom you are! Your pups look adorable in their coats!

  3. Thank you for my article's shout-out on your blog post today, Lynn Marie! It was a great surprise and I appreciate it.

    Your kids look great in their custom coats! I love the fact you make Becke's so long down her back and over her shoulders.

    Most ready-made coats only cover half the dog's back, which never made sense to me. But since I don't sew, I have to buy those until I find my own sewing wizard locally to make Becke-style coats for my little Remy.

    Great post and LOVE the photos as always!
    xox A

  4. Oh, they both look so precious in their coats! Becke looks like a very dignified lady in her pictures. And August is just a little doll.

    I am going to check out Anu's newsletter, sounds great. Thanks for sharing,and have a great weekend. Hope you and all the family stay warm!


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