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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge: FOOTBALL

Once again Joyce did a great job of coming up with the questions, we come up with the answers.  Join us won't you?

1. The NFL playoffs were held this past weekend and this year's Superbowl lineup will feature The New York Giants versus The New England Patriots. How do you define 'patriot'?

Patriot is one who loves and defends his or her country.  So the men and woman of the armed forces are patriots.  The family that stays behind are Patriots too because their sacrifice is great as well. I thank them all for defending the freedoms that I have.

2. What's something in your life right now that feels like a 'giant'?
What I want to say, I cannot say because some of the people who read this blog who I know will take it wrong so I will keep that to myself.  I don't want to cause problems where there are none.  There is no problem that I can have that God cannot deal with. I just have to leave it with him.

3. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think back to being 18?
I thought that I was so grown up and ready to take on the world and knew EVERYTHING. After all, I was getting married, having a baby, was moving to a new state away from all the negative influences of my family here and making such grown up decisions.  Now I look at those pictures and wonder what WAS I THINKING!!!

4. Coconut-mashed potatoes-vanilla ice cream-mayonnaise...which white food would be the hardest to give up?
I would have to say Vanilla ice cream. There is a low carb vanilla that is very good and that would be hard to give up since I love dessert.

5. Describe an incident or a day you remember as the coldest you've ever experienced?
A few years back we got hit with a power outage that lasted over a week. We would drive around town to charge our cell phones and used up all the wood we had for our fireplace. We didn't have a generator at the time so we could not run the pellet stove.  We blocked off all the rooms we could and would eat out at least once a day to get a hot meal but keeping the fish tank warm as well as us was terrible.  When it got dark (like 4:30) we lit candles and bundled up trying to stay warm. Becke, the Wonder dog, would lay on top of me to help me stay warm.  A friend of ours shared his wood from his fireplace with us to burn so we could cook and heat water for the fish tank in the fireplace.  It was a long week and when it was over, we went out and got the generator and learned how to connect it.  We lost all of our food and promised ourselves we would not let that happen again.  Hubby got a taste of how cold I feel all the time since I have Raynaulds's and he was not happy about that.  He has always been sympathetic about my condition but getting a taste of it himself, he is now even more sympathetic.

6. You're hosting a brunch...what's your favorite dish to prepare and serve?
I like simple so cheese and crackers, veggies and dip or a fruit salad.

7. How do you combat negative thinking?
Count my blessings, and pray. Those negative attacks are not from God. The way to attack back is from God.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

A few days ago I was reading one of the blogs that I really like and she had pictures of flower buds from her yard.  Yes, she is the south but really, spring time all ready showing its buds!  Well, I'm ready for Spring and this winter has not been that bad at all.  We have had maybe a grand total of 10 inches of snow this winter and it has melted between snowing again.  Now in October we got creamed by snow but that was still Fall so I'm talking Winter snow.  In fact yesterday it was in the low 50's and sunny and I've yet to dig out the big winter long coat so I am so very happy but still, I am looking forwarded to Spring.... How about you?
Can you guess who we are rooting for in the Superbowl?
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  1. ...well, you won't like my answer to the Patriot part then...at least part of it. Wow, I felt chilled to the bone with just you describing your coldest memory...whoa, that would be hard to take. I'm a wuss when it comes to cold. Oh ya, and I too live south USA and it's warming up nicely already...I noticed the other day how the trees are getting their new green dresses on ---yay.

    My Wednesday post is: UNDER THE SEA

  2. I would enjoy the crackers and cheese and fruit. Great answer for #7. You are so right that those attacks are not from God.

  3. I love your answer to #7.

    5 years ago, we had a week-long power outage. When the power came back on, it was in the mid 30's inside our house. Thankfully, we had friends who allowed us to stay with them until our power came back on. They live in a teeny, tiny apartment, but at least it was warm! ;-) I have Raynaud's too, and I hate to think what it would have been like to have spent that week in that house.

  4. I agree with #6. Easy and everyone seems to like to eat those things.

    We were out last night and all I could think about when we first got into the cold truck was SPRING! Not that winter has been hard I just don't like the cold.

  5. I love your answer to #1 and totally agree.

  6. I miss the South.. they have the most beautiful Springs!

  7. Your cold weather story is the most "chilling" that I've read. B-r-r-r. I can not even imagine a week without heat.

    Love the photo, by the way!

  8. I can't imagine being cold like that. Even here in California where we still have flowers that bloom I could not believe my eyes yesterday when I drove by a tree lined street and every tree was blooming! It's too early.

  9. Glad you survived to tell about your power outage. That would be scary and make me want to be sure I have a preparedness kit supplied!

  10. great answers
    love the doggie spirit wear

  11. Woa---coldest memory. Not much like winter here-haven't wore my winter coat all year.

  12. Ohhh...you made me cold, Lynn Marie! I remember a cold spell with ice on the trees and we had no electricity either. We have a little gas heater on our wall which came in very handy!

    I'm not quite ready for spring...we need at least one good snow here, then I'm ready!

    Have a great evening!

  13. Its suppose to get in the 40's tonight in south Georgia. Its been a very mild winter so far.


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