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Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Review: Love the Relaxing Ones!


After a week of recovering from the stomach bug and working hard but not feeling great, (why is it taking longer and longer to get well from these bugs the older I get?) it was wonderful to have such a slow relaxing weekend. I love the hum of quiet days, don't you?

Saturday, we got about 2 inches of snow, just enough to make the roads slippery but still looked very pretty.  I never left the house until the afternoon then went to a few stores. One of the stores was the fabric store to look at their fabrics on sale.  I was able to get a few and made August a few harness/winter coat combos.  He sure is one styling dude!!! In honor of the New England Patriots going to the Super Bowl I just had to make him a  outfit.  Go Pats!!

Cleaning the house and sewing took up the rest of Saturday.  Sunday began with a great worship service, then playing with the grand girls and then small group singing. All in all it was a quiet weekend, nothing special and yet filled with blessing. Blessed to have the pellet stove keeping me warm. Blessed to have a hubby to drive me around and share my day with. Blessed to have 2 grand children so close. Blessed to have 2 grand children to look after for a bit while their parents work. Blessed to have a wonderful church where Jesus is preached and worshiped. Blessed to have a small group where we share our lives and our love of God.  So many blessing....How about you, what were your blessings this weekend?


  1. What a blessing-filled weekend you had.

    Yep, it certainly seems to take a little longer to recover these days, doesn't it? I blame these new "super bugs" ... it CAN'T be that I'm getting older ... can it? ha!

    My biggest blessing this weekend was getting to watch the 2 littles grands Saturday evening. Love it!

  2. We had snow and a quiet weekend here too...Go GIANTS!! : )

  3. I, too, had a quiet weekend. Potluck supper and Bible study with a group of my friends on Saturday night, church on Sunday. Then just snuggling under a blanket and watching old movies on TV. But now I have to get busy and to the house cleaning stuff, boo.

  4. Sounds like a perfect kind of weekend! Glad you're feeling better.

  5. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I watched the game. Actually both games were pretty good games! I don't normally watch football. Love the coat August. After two weeks I am finally feeling better. Hope your better today!

  6. Since we're now self-employed I thought it would be good to dig in and get our little office completely cleaned and organized. That was my Saturday. Had to go into town and get groceries Sunday afternoon...along with a Starbucks run!
    Glad your weekend was relaxing and helped you recuperate.

  7. Nothing like a nice quiet weekend when you're recovering from a bug!

  8. When I was in DC I took a picture of daffodils in full bloom. It was frigid though...I think the plants are awfully confused by this upside down weather we've had this year!

  9. So sorry to hear you were sick, but glad you are feeling better now. I know what you mean about taking longer to recover, I'm noticing that myself! Oh my gosh, August looks too cute for words in his Patriots coat! Hope you guys all have fun watching the Super Bowl. :)


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