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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Morning Routine with Dogs

When I get ready for work in the morning, it involves time in the bathroom. Becke hangs out by the tub and manages to get in 20 winks (or 40, or 60, depending on how long I'm in there). August also comes into the bathroom because he simply can't be trusted yet to stay in bed with daddy.  He can bring in a toy to play with and the bathroom door is open a bit in case he needs to go out and I'm in the shower, he can then go get daddy to let him out.

Well that's the plan anyhow.

But you know small puppies, they are like kids and will need to go out while I'm in the shower with shampoo in my hair and will not go get daddy so I have to run down the hall in my full glory with shampoo in my hair to let him out... I know this from experience...

Anyhow, I was getting ready the other day and after curling my hair I noticed a toy or two, or three, or seven!

I'm impressed that I didn't step on them or trip over them because I can't see them without my glasses.

Over the weekend I took all of his toys and moved them down stairs and placed them into the toy box there. Over the next hour, he brought them all back up...one toy at a time.

Then he became exhausted and needed an hour nap. That gave me two hours of peace.

I might just take all the toys back down stairs again so that I can take a  bubble bath.

I love our dogs, just wanted you to know.


  1. Ah yes, I remember those days. When it comes time to add another 4-legged family member, I'm not sure that I'm up to dealing with a puppy ... I might have to find a young adult dog. ;-)

  2. You made me laugh! Puppies are so funny.

  3. I laughed when I pictured you running down the hall with soapy hair. I laughed because I'm jealous.

    I'm jealous because August lets you know when he needs to go potty. I still have to take Remy out every hour and a half or so because he doesn't tell me when he needs to go. Despite his thimble sized bladder, he produces impressive amounts of pee. How I don't know.

    His housetraining was on track until a couple of months ago when he discovered the fun of leg lifting. Now it's belly bands, and back to square one of puppy potty training.

    Despite the 24/7 work, raising Remy is still a joy. I'm so glad to keep up with your little August's progress through your lovely blog.

  4. I have a puppy that parks herself outside my shower door each morning. She also bring me a bunch of her toys and if I ignore her (how dare I!!) she pulls & chews on the bath rug to get my attention. She also likes to grab my undies and run around with them.

  5. That is just too cute. Skye has toys all over the house, I love how they entertain them.


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