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Friday, January 27, 2012

Yes, I'm THAT Scottish!!!

I am Scottish on my father's side. I love being Scottish. Many years ago we were Stationed in England (where our daughter was born) and we had a Scottish neighbor.  At the time you rented TV from the government and the color TV rent was more than the rent for a Black and White TV.  We had a B&W and the Scottish family across the street had the color.  He would go out in the rain and wash the car and when they went on vacation, we got to have the TV at our home because as he would say "If we are going to have to pay the rent for the TV then somebody needed to be watching the thing." We were very happy to be the "Somebody".  I loved that family.  My family clan is Logan and the above picture is of my tartan (family colors). I don't think about being Scottish much until something I'm working on is not going right or when I want to buy something that I don't want to pay full price for.  This week I had a "Scottish moment" as they are called when something goes wrong but I  refuse to give up. I'm Scottish, and therefor ,I do count my pennies (OK I can be cheap - I use the same tea bag for 3 cups of tea and a few other things that drive my hubby nuts but if I can't drive him nuts, who can?)
Where was I???? Oh Yeah
Here is what happened.
I went to make some low carb muffins the other day and the the batter tasted great (you all eat the batter, right?) I use my little toaster oven and make 6 at a time since it is still more cost effective than heating up the big oven for 1 pan of 12 muffins. Well while they were baking, I lost track of time and they came out like this. WARNING this is not pretty.

 All 6 were burnt on the top and I was about to toss them all when I thought "NO WAY" - the Scottish woman in me will not allow this.
I filled the muffin tin again but filled it less than 1/2 full and put them in the toaster oven. Then I cut off the black tops of these poor sad muffins and toss them away.

I melted some butter and added them to the bottoms. When the new "Tops" came out of the toaster oven I added the tops to the bottoms and we had 6 butter muffins.  Yes, still low carb and they were good. We ate them all in one day.

I ate one before I took the picture, just in case they were terrible, but they were really good.

My Grand mother, Maude, would have been so proud of me and I must say I was happy to not have to toss them out.  I just walked around the house saying out loud, "Yes, I am THAT Scottish".  Sometimes I crack myself up......

Hubby surprised me with a new toy yesterday. A iPhone 4S and I am having fun with Suri you can bet.
I did ask him how much it cost and because he knows how Scottish I am he said "I got a $50.00 discount". He knows me well -  I love this man!!!

Have a great Weekend everyone.  Lord willing we will all be here Monday.


  1. I would love to hook my iPhone up for phone service. But I just cannot bring myself to pay the monthly data charge. I must have some Scottish blood in my veins. ha!

  2. I agree with Kathy above. haha

    Enjoy your new phone and have a great weekend.

  3. Haha, cute post. The muffins look really tasty! I'm not Scottish but I love listening to Scottish people talk, love that accent! :D

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Well, it pays to "pinch" pennies, especially these days! Glad you salvaged those muffins :)

    You asked about my SIL and I having children at the same time, with such an age difference between us. First of all, they married at age 17! She suffered 5 miscarriages throughout the first few years of their marriage. Finally, they adopted a baby girl when they were in their early 30's--just two years before I had my first child at age 24. Interesting, huh?

  5. My dad uses his tea bag 3 times! Love the way you made use of the burnt muffins. They did Big Bang Theory around Suri last night.


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