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Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Review: The last of January

Today, the 30th of January is the 12th Birthday of our baby, Integrity Star Beck, Becke, Beck the Wonder Dog, Becke Boo Boo, Baby Boo.  We use many names for her and she wags for them all.  We were blessed to get her when she was 4 years old after she had a very small litter. The breeders decided that it was not fair to her to breed her again and wanted a better life for her. Becke ended up having a    c-section because there were so few puppies. We were looking for an adult dog - we were meant to find each other and she was perfect for our home. So she moved in and began her life with us. She has taught us to stay close to love ones in your life. She has taught us to laugh, take a nap in the middle of the day, trust someone, try again, rest when tired, go again, have fun, and always kiss the ones you love good night.  She is the wonder dog that is perfect for us.

Saturday, while August was helping with a project, and it was so nice outside, I took Becke for a nice walk. She is a pleasure to walk with. She doesn't pull, doesn't chase the squirrels, or stop moving refusing to go forward. She enjoys walking and stops every so often just to smell the grass (or snow). It was in the high 30's and so we were out there for a while.

We stopped to take a few pictures and to enjoy the fact that I can drop her leash and she will not go anyplace.  She is a love.

Hubby's brother turns 60 in a few days so his wife gave him a surprise Birthday Party. It was fun to get together and make fun of the sweet old guy. Great surprise, he never knew the party was for him!!!

Sunday we didn't have the grand girls so we took the time to make her a special supper - tilapia and crab with brown rice for dinner! Birthdays are fun around here. We watched a few movies on TV and relaxed.  Breakfast on Monday is an egg mixed in her oatmeal with more fish for dinner.  

For January, it's been pretty warm, not a lot of snow and some days the temps got up to the mid 40's. The problem is that some days it's in the 40's and then we get a few days of Artic cold and I get a "Raynaud's Spasm". A Raynaud's Spasm is when you get so cold, that you hurt. My hands and feet will tingle and no matter how many layers I put on, I cannot get warm. Sunday morning my knees started to ache while we were in church and it hurt to stand up or walk. I should have moved away from where I was sitting in ladies class, but I didn't. My hands began to tingle and by afternoon I was wearing woolen socks, jeans, turtle neck, fleece vest, flannel bathrobe under an electric blanket with Becke laying on my feet. The house temperature was 72 degrees!  My hands tingled and it hurt to stand on my feet because they were so cold.  It took me hours to warm up and I missed our small group because even though the host family will have a fire going in their fireplace, it will not be enough to keep me warm. Having this  disease is not fun and it's not easy to live with. Thankfully, I don't get many spasms but when I do, they control my day and keep me praying. I am reminded how weak I am and that I can do nothing on my own, even maintain my own body temperature.
How about you? What did you do? Welcome February!


  1. Happy birthday to Becke!

    I know just how painful Raynaud's can be. And I'm not sure that those who don't suffer from it can truly understand how painful it can be. Nor can they understand how one can suffer from it, even inside a 70+ degree room! {{hug}}

  2. Happy Birthday to sweet Becke! Hope your feeling better today :)

  3. Cute pup! I love a dog that listens : )

  4. I love when you show us pictures of your dogs and tell us about them. Becke is adorable.

    So sorry you had an attack. I hope you're warm and feeling better now.

    Have a good day.

  5. Happy birthday to Becke, the Wonder Dog - and a wonderful dog she is too. She is a good, good, girl and I'm glad I got to see her again when you visited last November.

    I remember when you brought her home and had to teach her how to negotiate your stairs. And how she'd bark at me from her spot at your top landing. She is a very lucky dog to have been adopted by you and Gerry. Best wishes for many more years to share together with the best yellow lab girl in the world.

    Have you ever tried battery powered electric socks? (My guess is that you have, but didn't want to assume that).Any chance you could move your kids, the grandbabies, and your menagerie down to North Carolina.We still get some cold days and nights, but compared to New England it's a cake walk.

  6. Happy birthday Becke! I hope she got a special meaty treat and an extra rub!

    Dogs are the best!

  7. Happy Birthday to Becke. She is so pretty and so lucky to have come to live with you. Her meals sound wonderful. So sorry about your Raynaud's Spasm. That has to be so hard on you.


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