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Thursday, April 5, 2012

English Muffin - Low Carb

Flowers I got for my birthday last week from Hubby

Don't you love finding a recipe that you can adapt to your needs? I sure do!  For the past few days I've been on a bread kick but since I live low carb and I don't have any low carb bread in the house, the hunt was on trying to find something that I could make.

Low and Behold Ginny's Low Carb Kitchen!  She has this wonderful bread recipe that I adapted to meet my wants. You can find her recipe at the link above.  I didn't change it much at all since it was so good. I did change out butter for "coconut oil" and heavy cream for the "water--or kefir, or coconut milk". And I did cook it a little different.
For starters, I dug out this microwave safe muffin pan. Remember those?  It came from a time when full meals were cooked in microwaves and there were all sorts of pans to help you cook in the microwave. 

I gave it good spray with cooking spray so that nothing would stick.

I then put the batter in each cup. I put 3 teaspoons of batter in each cup, and I know that doesn't sound like much but remember the entire recipe only makes 1 big slice of bread.  I cooked it in the microwave for 2 full minutes 

They came out small  but is OK because I wasn't done with them. And at 2 net carbs for the whole batch, this is a good start!

Then I cooked a sausage patty and an egg. Who else had a sausage, egg, and "English muffin"  breakfast for 1.6 carbs?  Me that's who (and I packed one for lunch as well)

With so much help out there in blog land, this low carb living is easy. Where do you find recipes?


  1. Now that sounds like a great breakfast. I will go check out her recipe. Love how low the carb count is. Thank you. Have a blessed Easter.

  2. Well I will definitely check out that site! That's a pretty low carb count for what you ate! Way to go! :)


  3. This sounds so good to me. I love English Muffins and really any kind of bread, but I definitely have to be careful with the carbs. Thanks for sharing this! And, the flowers are beautiful.

    Happy Easter to you and your family, Lynn Marie!


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