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Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Review: 100 Days of Dance

100 Days of Dance
So how did your weekend go?  How did you do on your 100 Days of Dance.  I have a great iPhone App: TraxitAll. I keeps track of how often I danced and to what music.  I'm up to 6 days!

Saturday was a beautiful day! I took both dogs for a walk. Becke walks perfectly but August still pulls and often barks are whatever.  I have been working on that and Saturday he walked without barking at all (which I rewarded often). It even included the house we walked by where the dog is loose is in the front yard with a sign saying "Dog Contained by Electric Fence". He runs right up the "Line" and barks while his owners sit by the house and yell at him to stop barking and to come back to them. They even threaten to bring out the Bark Collar.  We move to the other side of the street and walk faster.  Saturday, August looked at the other dog, looked at me and sat down!  I gave him a cookie and walked on. He is still pulling so we are still walking but I was so proud of him.  

After walking the dogs, I left them home and went for a walk alone just me and the songs on my phone. I set the timer and when I got back I had walked for 60 minutes.  Since music was involved I counted it as 2 dancing sessions as I tend to walk to the beat of whatever I'm listening to.  

OK it was not "Technically" Dancing, but if you saw me dancing, you would say that was not technically dancing either. Anyhow, I was moving to music - so it counts! My Challenge - My Rules! 

Turned out to be a good thing because Sunday I woke up to a Migraine!  I do believe this one was caused by stress. You see, August was up no less than 5 times to go "Out". He would then curl up in bed and get so close to me that I could feel his breath and hear him breathing.  He was not the same all day. Going out every few hours, sleeping in between. I put him on a fast and he didn't care. He wasn't hungry.  

Hubby's coffee helped the head ache as did some quite time and over the counter migraine meds.  By afternoon when the grand girls came I was feeling a lot better.  We played, we laughed and we had fun. It was nice to be outside playing. Becke joined us, August went into his x-pen and slept for some of the visit, and helped the girls dig a hole for some of the visit. Poor thing. Didn't eat at all! Not even interested. The plan is to have him on baby food for Monday and hopefully by Tuesday he will be on rice and hamburger.  He is staying home from day care and keeping daddy company.

Other than house cleaning, that was my weekend. How was yours?


  1. Poor August. I hope he's feeling better *soon*.

    1. Thank you for thoughts. I hope he gets well also. I hate seeing such a little guy not eat and look so sad.

  2. Aww, sorry to hear that August is "under the weather".

    Good for you for sticking with your exercise routine! You've given me an idea of what to do for exercise when the weather gets unbearably hot outside--dance inside under the A/C :)

    1. Kathy,
      Glad I could give you the dance idea. I'm not pretty to look at but in my minds eye, I am graceful and talented.

  3. Hope by now little August is feeling better. I'm sure between the baby food, resting at home with Dad, and all your TLC, he'll be bouncing back to normal in no time.

    Forgot to dance on Sunday (did Saturday) but was out walking Remy multiple times - does that count?

  4. Sounds like a nice walk. I need to get out and work on that with Skye. She likes to pull!!!
    Sorry about your migraine but I'm glad it got better and you were able to enjoy your grandchildren. Hope August is feeling better.


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