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Monday, April 2, 2012

Learning from a Puppy

As you know, we have a little Powder Puff Chinese Crested.  His name is August Rush. He was named after this movie:

Although it did not do well in the theater, I really liked it and thought that the name would be perfect for a little boy. I was right, this name is perfect for him.

He is 7 months old now and some days I can't see how he can see at all because his face looks like this. 

While other days, his hair, which is getting longer, is parting and he can see. Better yet, I can see his cute little face.

Puppies will teach us if we are willing to learn from them. They teach us to lay down and rest when we are tired. They teach us to fall asleep fast, to cast all our cares on Him who can care for us.  They teach us to wake up with enthusiasm to face the day because we are rested. 

Puppies follow us around because they know that all good things come from us and they are just waiting for the good things to happen. Do we follow Him because we know that all good things come from Him and we are just waiting for the good things to happen.

Some days I am sad, or tired, or not feeling well but little August and big sister Becke stay close to me anyway. They know that I will get better and in the mean time they will stay to keep me company.  There are days when they are tired, or don't feel well and I stay to care to care for them.

When I don't feel well, or I feel tired He cares for me. He stays by my side and gives me what I need to get better. Do I notice that? Do I stay close to the one who cares for me, trusting Him to care for all my needs and at the same time enjoying just being in his company.

One thing more that I learn from August. Play, Run, enjoy pure joy. I love watching him run with the ball in his mouth. He is just so happy. It makes me smile to see his joy.

Have your learned anything from your pet? What?


  1. Oh the things our dogs can teach us ... thanks for the reminder! ;-)

  2. I love this post. I learned so many wonderful things. Little August Rush was certainly having fun running around. I just love how they play.

  3. How I enjoyed seeing this video of August! My, how he's grown since I saw him. He's impossibly adorable with a lovely coat coming in thick. With his hair covering his eyes he reminds me a little of Andy Warhol.

    That's an impressive agility course you've set up for him in the backyard too. Clearly, Marty and I have some catching up to do with the Millettes - all I had in mind initially for Remy was a low jump or two. Your setup makes us look like slackers :D

    If I were to pick just one lesson Remy's taught me in the eight months we've had him, I would say it's courage. I've stopped calling him my little scaredy-cat, and now call him my brave hearted puppy.I even wrote an anthem for him which I sing to him when he gets especially scared outside together. Yes, really.

    The world outside our home and its stranger dangers still continue to frighten my baby dog. But every day he walks around the neighborhood without panic shows me how brave he is. Instead of shutting down because of his fears, he tries to be brave for me every single day.

    And each day when Remy demonstrates his courage, I vow to do better by him and help him learn the joys of the world outshine the scaries.

    1. Thank you for the comment about hi agility equipment. We are working on the dog walk, see saw and box. He is in his strainger danger as well and most of the time he is afraid of people who want to touch him just to feel how soft he is. I'm working with that and telling people to back off. I would love to hear you singing to Remy! He is one brave boy for sure. He has learned to trust that you will not put him in anyplace that he can not handle so therefore, he can do it!~ Great job there mom.

  4. Little August Rush is growing up quickly! I sure wish I had some of his energy :)

    This was a very thoughtful and very true post.

  5. Oh my goodness, August is cuter all the time. What a doll! I've never seen August Rush, now I want to check it out.

    I love the idea of learning from your dog. And I agree, I have also learned to live in the moment and experience the joy from my dog. Beautiful post!


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