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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Whoopie Pie

While I was adding pictures to yesterday's Hodgepodge, I came across another picture that I'm not sure I ever posted, and since I love all things Summer I decided to post one today. Along with the traditional Whoopie Pie, our friend Mark  also made German Chocolate Whoopie Pie for Hubbies Party.  It was a huge hit!
What kind of cake yells "Party - Celebrate -Fun " to you all?  What kind of party do you prefer? Outside BBQ? Dress Up Halloween? How about an Emmy Awards Party?  Pool Party? Let's start a list!


  1. I like a good BBQ. But anywhere there is good food and company it is always fun!

  2. My favorite kind of parties are the spontaneous ones - you know - the ones that just happen. One person stops by,then another and before you know it all the guys are out in the garage, women in the kitchen - always a good time.

  3. My favorite parties are causal and outdoors. I also love the extreme opposite-black tie and dressed up. Oh, and I don't need an excuse for cake : )

  4. I like an Oscar's party. I don't do Halloween except for the candy to the kids part. We do the big candy bars!!! That whoopie pie looks awesome.

  5. We've had some great family Christmas parties, and we're getting ready to host our 2nd Halloween costume party!

    I love cookouts, but the bugs are awful here, except for a couple of months out of the year!

  6. Never met a cake I didn't like, LOL, but more partial to chocolate! I like simple gatherings with parties, not a lot of fuss, just good times with friends and family :)



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