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Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Review: The First Fall Monday!

Fall showed up with 70 and 80's degrees Summer temps. Well, this is fall in New England. One day it's 80's and the next 50's! This is when some people get really sick because how does one dress when the temps are all over the place.  Since it is fall, I did fall things, like put out a fall garden flag.

I planted some Fall Mums - just look at the leaves all over the ground! Oh My! I see raking in my future.

Put up the drive way markers for the snow plow---last year the ground froze before we got them in!  Not this year!

And pulled out my fall clothes - that is what was made me the saddest.

I really don't like the heavy material. It hurts my body because I have Fibromyalgia. The weight become so heavy trying to keep me warm with so many layers that I do suffer more in the cold weather.  I did keep some short sleeves and shorts out for because the weather for this week says we have a few days in the 80's coming up. Want to be able to wear the summer outfits for a bit longer.

If you read my blog last week, you know that Hubby was away then and I lost the TV remote. I was looking for sympathy but none of my fb friends gave me any. They laughed at me.  You can read the story here.
Hubby went to the men's retreat and this time he took care of me so that I couldn't loose the remote.
He attached a long line to it so that I could not loose it this time. It made me laugh every time I used it. How funny was this! What a man!  So instead, I lost the Internet and somehow got hacked and my email account sent all sorts of email off to people on my email list... Oh my, he had to fix that when he got home.  I'm so sorry to those of you that got an email from me over the weekend. I didn't send them!! Hubby is wondering what will happen next time he leaves, one never knows!

I also took photos of the changing colors, we are mostly green here but there are pops of colors here and there.
I also took photos of the best yellow lab ever sleeping on our floor.
I was really tired on Friday and so I took the day to take it easy, I only counted my walking and some painting that I really wanted to do but my energy ran out and I stopped. By Saturday, I was all better and jumped back into the grove and later that day when I added up all my miles for the week, I discovered that I did 68 miles!! Well no wonder, I felt really, really tired! I have only 146 miles to go! Yippee!!!

How was your weekend?


  1. We saw a bit of fall color as we were driving through the mountains of North Carolina yesterday.

    I can't imagine the weight of fall/winter clothing being painful ... {{hug}}

  2. Had to laugh about the remote!

    Fall really made itself known here. I woke up Saturday and hubby had turned the heat on. :( As much as I enjoy Fall I am not ready for really cold weather.

  3. I too had to laugh about the remote. Your hubby must have a good sense of humor.

  4. Hey! That's a great idea to keep track of the remote! LOL

    We're beginning to see hints of fall colors here, as well. I think most of them are from dry weather though.

    Somebody hacked my email, too, a while back. The things people do for fun!!!

  5. I didn't do much this weekend. Some laundry and lots of Pinterest!!! Love the remote thingy, so funny. The mums look beautiful.

  6. The "leash" on your remote is just too funny! Wow! you are doing awesome on your exercise. Me...not so much. l9l

    Our temps are jumping all over the place too. But I still love the fall.

  7. Also love the remote's new 'leash'. Gerry is a smart (as well as funny) man. I've screwed up my computer too (also it seems when my husband is out of town), but never by sending emails for Viagra and Cialis to my friends - ha!

    Yes, Becke is the best lab in the world, it's true. Your Sleeping Beauty portrait of her is lovely.

    Hard to believe but our leaves are starting to change color here in North Carolina too even though weather is still mild and muggy with lots of rain lately. Go figure.

  8. I seriously feel like we just pulled our snow markers up. Ugh-not ready for that by a long shot!

  9. That is so cute how your hubby rigged it so you wouldn't lose the remote! Sorry about the internet mishap though! That is a great idea to have the snow markers; lets hope the snow doesn't get that high this year??



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