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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pet Evacuation Kit - Have it ready to Go

I mentioned last week during the Wednesday Hodgepodge that I have an evacuation kit for our dog Becke, the Wonder dog. It sits waiting for the time when we have to leave and she needs to go as well. It gets cleaned out and repacked every 6 months. If in the event you have to evacuate, it will be almost impossible to gather everything that you will need for your pet so have it ready. Here is what is in Becke's kit. You can enlarge each picture to get a better look at what is there.
Her crate turns from this flat easy to pack item to..

A full size crate for her in seconds! 

Inside the container is everything else. Notice the sign on the top and front, it has all her medical information, a photo of her as well as lots of information.
You can purchase pet first aid kits everywhere. It has small bottles of items you will need.Or you can put together your own from a list here.
But since I have a large dog, I add to it with more of some of the things.
Having extra supplies for cleaning wounds that may happen is always a good thing to pack.
Pack food enough for 5 days. If you feed kibble, pre pack each meal, add whatever supplements you add to the food. Having baby food handy will help if the stress is too much for your pet. It will help ease your pet's tummy. Remember to pack the cookies as well.
Pack them all in one larger container with your pets name on everything!
If you home cook, then have meals ready to grab from the freezer. Put a note to yourself on top of the evacuation kit to remind you to grab it before you leave.
You can also pack some caned meats, veggies and fish to create some fast meals for your pet. You want to create meals for 5 days! Don't forget the can opener!
Don't forget something to use as bowls for water and food as well.
Pack towels in case you need them to either clean your dog, or clean up after your dog.
Something your pet knows is his (or hers) to lay on.
A back up to lay on (in case your pet gets sick on the first one)
A blanket for those pets who love to "Nest"
Pack it inside the large container. Label everything! 

Add extra leashes and collars or harness.
You need 1 gallon of water per pet per day. This container holds 5 gallons for Becke.
And don't forget those pick up bags to clean up after your pet.

Something to consider:
If you have a cat, you will have to add some cat litter and a box to put it in. You can purchase disposable litter boxes that have the litter already in it. Also pack trash bags to put the litter boxes and used litter into as well.
If you can, get samples of your pets food and use that in your evacuation kit, just remember to change it out before it expires.
All pet medications need to stay in the original bottle with vet instructions and information clearly on the front. Put a post-it-note on the top of the box with a HUGE "RX" on it to remind you to take it.

So as you can see, it's more than just having a pet first aid kit - you need an evacuation kit.  Start building yours today. When you need it, you will be ready for whatever happens.


  1. This is not something I've ever thought about ...thanks for the tips!

  2. I've never thought about having an evacuation kit (for us or for our dog), but thanks to your tips, I know where to start for Abby's evacuation kit. ;-)

  3. Excellent idea however I hope you never need to use it.

  4. I'm aftraid that my pets will be in trouble, in case of an emergency. I love them all, but there's just no way to pack up 2 dogs, 16 cats, 2 rabbits, and a parakeet...into the back of a PT Cruiser.

  5. I've had a people/pets first aid kit packed up and ready to go for years, but not a dog comprehensive one like yours for Becke. Thanks to your terrific blog post, I've started assembling one for Remy. Thanks to your photos, I now know he likes sardines too - ha!

    Some things I've added are toys and chewies. I also included saline solution and Remy's tooth paste, brush, and some gauze pads. I'm using those to get him used to his dental routine before I graduate him up to his tiny toothbrush. And you know me, Lynn Marie, I live and die by baby wipes, so a big package of those are in Remy's e-bin too. Oh, and a lid for canned food as well.

    I've got samples of a shampoo and grooming spray but still need to add a comb and brush. Also have to somehow fit some baby food and a can opener too. Then I think I'm all set.

    Thanks for a timely and important post for us pet lovers!

  6. @ Anu, if you look at the photos you will see baby wipes as well. I use dry shampoo for her kit. Just one less thing to possibly break. Since she is 11+ years old I didn't pack toys but you are so right if you have a young pet, add toys and such to help them pass the time. Great reminder! Thanks. Better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it?

  7. You are so organized! This is really complete! I hadn't even thought of putting something like this together for Koda. I considered extra water for him in our emergency supply but never thought of his own kit! I'm going to start working on it! thanks for all the good ideas for it!


  8. That is wonderful. I love how prepared you are.
    I must make one for Skye!


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