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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Living in a Oxymoron World

I know that some down in South are still having tempts in the 100's. I know that some have had no rain and the plans and gardens are all dried out.  Up here however, we have had rain - lots of rain (Remember Irene?) and now that it is officially September, well it time to talk fall!
Over the last few days, I work up to temps in the low 50's. Today I woke up to this:

And before you get all excited that it will become warm and wonderful, I looked forwarded and this is what we are expecting today:

Yeah - It's going to reach 77. Now that may seem wonderful for you but I really like the heat so here is why I feel like I'm living in a Oxymoron World.  It's still summer for a full 3 weeks more. Summer - where temps should be in the high 80's or even (dare I say it high 90's!) but instead, I wake up to put on a bath robe, and slippers and wrap my hands around the hot coffee to warm them up!  I should be thinking of grilled chicken over a cold summer salad for dinner instead I'm looking at my crock pot and thinking "STEW".  I should be painting my toe nails and looking forwarded to wearing my flip flops, instead I'm putting them away in the back of the closet and looking for where I packed the boots!  I should still be seeing lots of flowers:

Instead I'm seeing this

Leaves falling on our deck chairs
Plants storing up there food for winter and laying down

So now, I am looking forwarded to what we call  here as "Indian Summer" where summer return with its warm  temps and feel for one last time before the cold rain falls.  It's a reminder to my heart: "Take heart LynnMarie, Summer will return, it will go away for a season, but it will return and you will appreciate it all over again."

Are you feeling the change in the air where you are?


  1. It is heating back up here. It is suppose to be 96* with a heat index of 100* today. The good news is that a cool down is coming again Sunday evening. I am seeing forecasted temps in the mid 70's for next week.

    Hope you get some Indian Summer!

  2. It's getting hot again here. It got up to over 100 yesterday and will be flirting with 100 for the rest of the week. How about I send you our hot weather and you can send us your cooler temperatures and some rain (we've only had 1/2 inch of rain in at least 10 weeks or longer).

  3. I can't imagine waking up and feeling coolness in September! We're still in the 90's and very dry. I'm trying to get in the mood for fall, but it still feels very summery outside. In fact, I'm wearing a sundress and no shoes as I type.

  4. We are very dry...farmers needing rain.
    The cotton fields are not abundant this year.
    The nights are cooler, but days are still in the 90's.
    I'm antsy to pull out my Fall/Winter clothes
    and put away my Spring/Summer clothes.

  5. Yes, we always have cool evenings but they are now getting a lot cooler where you really need a jacket on. But I am not ready for Fall, that means Christmas is coming and I am not ready to put up my tree!!!


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