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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Day After

I hope you had a great Labor Day! Over here, we got together with our church family for one HUGE cookout and had time to relax and catch up with their lives. That is always fun!! The food was great, the laughter was loud and the company was the best! I love our church family!

I did get to finish those projects before we left so here are the before and after.
The well cover Before
And After

The small garden Before
And After

I also painted the front door - I used the same colors but a fresh coat made the door so much nicer to look at.
And finally, I liked the red so much, I painted Becke's food station.

And after - I had to change out her decoration but she didn't mind (or even notice for that matter)

Then, was the day was done, and all the hot dogs, hamburgers, and steak tips were eaten. When  we got in a short nap (You know from all the eating we did) we went out to Dairy Queen for a Mini Blizzard!  
Back to the real world today.  How was your Labor Day?


  1. Love the Mini Blizzard since it is the perfect size! I am always amazed at what a coat of paint can do. I like how you set the oval off on your front door.

  2. Wow, you've been busy and productive! I like the new look on the well. Have a great week!

  3. Thanks for the befores and afters. You did a fantastic job! Everything looks great! And you didn't forget Becke! Good Mama!

  4. I love get-togethers where you have time to sit, relax and get to know each other better.

    Our Sunday School class gets together about every 3 months.

  5. I like the color of paint you painted by Becke's area! Very nice and vibrant! She looks like she has a nice place to chow down too!

    Church get togethers are always great! I am a firm believer there are no calories at them and that if you walk away hungry from one of them, its your fault since there is always an abundance of good delicious food!

    Looks like you had a great productive Labor Day with a bit of sweet (blizzards) to make it a very good day indeed!

    I worked on Labor Day, but hey, I labored, right?


  6. I love how your projects came out. Good job!!!


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