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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photo #7: Button

Boy I have to say that this was my least favorite topic so far. I don't have a lot of buttons anywhere!  I thought I had a bag of buttons but I could not find it. So I began looking at my clothes for buttons and guess what? My clothes have snaps, they have zippers, the dog coats have Velcro and buckles but no buttons.
Finally I found my rain coat and it has buttons on it. black, like the coat so you have to look close, but there are there. So my contribution today to the February Photo challenge  is my rain coat with buttons.
Do you have a lot of buttons on your clothes?


  1. I have a few sweaters with buttons, and DH has a few shirts with buttons, we both have a few pairs of pants with buttons, but there's not as many buttons here as I would have thought. I would have thought that would have been an easy prompt, but it wouldn't have been as easy as I would have thought. ;-)

  2. I have some sweaters with buttons. I gotta go get a picture.

  3. I still have a few buttons in my closet! We also have a jar of old buttons that belonged to my mother. Hubby keeps them on the nightstand, of all places!

  4. Looking at the list this was probably my least favorite. Although I see the prompt later on is 'phone'...not too happy about that one either : ) I'm thinking hard, hoping to twist the word into something other than the obvious.

  5. I wear blouse all the time so yes I have buttons. What I really want to do is start a jar of buttons, they look so pretty on display!


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