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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 4 & 5

I don't normally blog on weekends and decided to take the pictures and add it to the weekend review. Then I remembered that the purpose was to blog and take photos every day so here they are..

Day 4's challenge was a stranger. I was very nervous about taking that picture because I felt like a starker. I had every intention of finding a stranger at the grocery store, after all there were a lot of strange people there stocking up for the Super Bowl! But I forgot as we joined them stocking up... Since we needed to go to Lowel's for a few things, I was able to snap this picture.  I pretended to take the picture of the furniture on the floor. 

Day 5's challenge was 10:00am. At that time I was here, worshiping the Lord God Almighty.  Where were you at 10 Sunday morning?


  1. At 10:00 this morning, I was in the toddler Sunday School class (instead of my own SS class). Got some T time (#3 and #4), although I made sure that I spent equal amounts of time with the other kids (although my heart wanted to grab #3 and #4 and nestle into a corner with a few toys and a book). ;-)

  2. I was at church too. Good idea on the stalker I mean stranger picture.

  3. At 10 this morning, I was just leaving Bible study, a wonderful study on Acts chapter 7, and the courage of Stephen.

  4. Looks like you captured them perfectly!


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