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Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo Challenge and Weekend Review

Good Morning one and all, did you notice the Spring Widget in the upper left corner of the blog?  28 days till spring!! That's right, just 28 days to go and it already feels like spring around here. I believe I heard the weather man saying that all total, we have had 10 inches of snow ALL WINTER!!! and none of that so far in February. I'm OK with that.
Weekend was probably pretty much like yours, shopping, cleaning, putting up the spring decorations, watching grand children play together and with us (Pepere and Grannie). What joy they are! I so love being a grand mother. It is truly a gift from God!! Raising kids is for younger folk however, we are both sore and tired when they head home with there mom. It's a good tired, even the dogs sleep well at night.

The photo challenge for today is "Handwriting" I learned to write longhand (cursive) in grammar school. Yes it was called grammar school back then and the method I learned was called the Palmer Method, you can read about it here.
It involved using the entire arm, not just you hand. Any how here is a sample of my handwriting these days.

Do they even teach hand writing these days?


  1. You are so right, raising children is for younger folks! Hubby and I are exhausted after ours leave, but it's fun for a while :)

    It certainly has been an unusual winter, to say the least. I'm ready for spring!

    I, too, wonder if they teach handwriting anymore--especially cursive. Everything has changed (and not always for the best).

    Have a great Monday!

  2. I'm not sure about public schools, but my daughter will be teaching cursive to my granddaughter soon ... although she's picked up a lot of it by watching her older brother learn it ... there are advantages to homeschooling ;-)

    I'm with you ... having grandkids is THE BEST!! And exhausting. I can do ok when I have just one or two, but if I have all four ... wow! I'm wiped out. But it's worth it to have time with them.

  3. You have beautiful handwriting! Maybe I should try to learn the Palmer Method. I wonder if it is too late? lol

  4. I hope they still teach it but I don't have a clue!
    Yes your grandchildren are a big blessing from God.


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