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Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo Challenge #17: Time

Today's Photo Challenge is: TIME
How do you capture time? How do you photograph Time? What Time? A simple clock will tell you the time, a stop watch will count down time, one can spend time watching TV, or waiting in the office for an appointment.
When you are in love - time can stand still.  When you are in labor with your child, time can be painful and filled with anticipation.  When you are struck with devastating medical news, you wonder how much time you have.
When you are young, time is forever.....remember thinking it would be "forever" until Christmas would be here.
When you are middle aged, time is now.... remember thinking that you have to much to do and it was due yesterday.
When you are old, time is a blessing......each day is a blessing and what can get done will get done.
Time: How do you capture it? Can you capture it?
Here is my photo of time:

Hubby and I back in 1972 on our way to the Senior Prom. I had just received my engagement ring.  No, it's not a new photo but it has meaning for us. It captures time in a photo. 40 years ago was not that long ago, was it? 


  1. What a sweet, sweet photo ... and creative post for today's challenge.

  2. Great job on your photo challenge today!! Forty years ago is in the blink of my eye to me. We married in 1972. I have to say I have a collection of photos that look just like yours :) Those were the days. I often wonder what it will be like when our children look at their photos 40 years from now.

  3. Great minds think alike. I just now posted a picture for the 17th and I used one from our wedding.

    I so love your picture and 40 years ago was just yesterday!


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