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Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Review and Photo Challenge #13

It's been cold here! I mean like 12 degrees cold! We never got any snow from the last storm that was so well predicted up here. We were to get only between 1-3 inches and so many people were so excited about it, I was not. So I was glad that we didn't get any snow but by Sunday it was down right ARTIC cold here and so I was hugging our pellet stove that was keeping the home 86 degrees!!!! I know, that is hot for a lot of people, but when you have Rayonld's, it's just about right.

Saturday we had the 1st birthday party for our youngest granddaughter.  Her nick name is Cadie Bear and since it is so close to Valentine's Day, Valentine was the theme. Each person had a cupcake instead of a slice of birthday cake and our little Cadie Bear had her own cupcake just for her.

You can image what a 1 year old can do to a cup cake right.  Well I don't want to put pictures of our grand children here (that is the job of their parents, after all), I can show you this - 

Sunday, we were not having the grand girls so I hugged the pellet stove and then I cleaned my closet. Sundays photo challenge was "my closet" and I was very dissatisfied with how it look.  Here is the before photo that I posted yesterday.

It took 1 1/2 hours and then it looked like this:

I'll post about it later this week because this is getting long.....

However today's Photo challenge is Blue.  Since I don't feel Blue very often, I decided to show you something else that is Blue.
Our oldest grand daughter rides this often and plays with the controls that make the bells, sirens, horns and such work. We have a lot of police toys here. After all Hubby is a retired police officer.  Blue is part of our lives.

How was your weekend?


  1. Wow good job on the closet. I need to do that too.

  2. Aww...wishing your little Cadie Bear a belated Happy Birthday! It looks like she enjoyed her cupcake very much!

    My closets need a make-over, but I dread tackling the task. Perhaps in the spring...

    It was somewhat cold here this weekend, reaching a low of 24 degrees. Brrrr...

    Have a great Monday!

  3. The cold temps are here also. I am hearing rumors of a couple of iches of snow this evening. Boo! I know it is winter, and it has been mild, but I am ready for spring!

    Looks like the birthday girl enjoyed her cake!

  4. Wow-great job on your closet! I omitted that day of the photo challenge : ) Happy Birthday to your granddaughter. She looks like she really enjoyed her celebration!

  5. Very cold here over the weekend. Bitterly cold in fact.

    Got snow in the forecast for today, but so far we've had a few teeny, tiny flakes ... rip off! ha!

    I love seeing the littles rip into their birthday cakes/cupcakes on their first birthdays ... DD had a candle in T#1's cake for us to sing happy birthday. Poor little guy didn't know any better ... reached out to grab the flame. Thankfully he quickly pulled his hand back before it burned the skin ... just got his hand very hot and scared himself. Poor little guy.

    1. Oh, and good job on the closet organizing ... want to come over here and work on mine? :-)

  6. Nothing like a photo shoot to get yourself motivated! Looks like Cadie Bear loved her cake! So how does your husband handle the heat?

    1. We keep some of the doors closed so the heat doesn't go in there and Hubby wears shorts all year round. As we move away from the family room the temps in the other rooms goes down but still it can be really toasty. He loves me a lot!!!


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