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Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Review: Super Bowl & Photo Challenge #6

The weekend was all about the Super Bowl. We live in New England Patriots Country so everyplace we went, people were wearing Patriots clothes. Homes were decorated in Patriots colors. Babies were dressed in Patriot colors, children were dressed in Patriot colors.  Pets were dressed in Patriots colors. Every one's lives revolved around it and it was all anyone talked about When we went shopping, everyone was shopping for the big game, they had their carts full of food for the game.  

Of course we got into it as well.  We didn't decorate but August got dressed up and we had food - glorious food.
Of course chips and salsa were a must.

Mini meat balls were a big hit.

This I got off of Pinterest here. They were really good! I will make these again.

Buffalo chicken tenders were the other big hit.

I also made this from Pinterest but I didn't have time to take the photo because they disappeared so this is the photo from Pinterest. The link is here. Another big hit and will be made again.

So since we have leftovers, these are also my photo prompts for today as the topic is: Dinner.

Oh and in case you didn't know the winner of the 46th Super Bowl is of course:
The Giants. 
They played a good game. Well done.


  1. Looks yummy! I thought it was appropriate that Eli won a Superbowl in his big brothers house!! Although I live way out in the burbs I am happy for this to all to be over. It was great for our city, but it has been a traffic nightmare for anyone who had to commute to the city.

    Enjoy your Monday!

  2. Those bacon-wrapped chicken bites look DELICIOUS! I love making a meal with appetizers, so I'll be adding them to the menu. ;-) Oh, and I am now following you on Pinterest.

  3. Yummy looking treats. I love Pinterest, too I get so many inspiring ideas.

    1. I'm learning to really like it. Some things are hard to search.

  4. I haven't posted my dinner photo because it didn't fit with my post. I might lump today and tomorrow's pic onto the end of my Hodgepodge questions tomorrow.

    I live in Giants country so everyone's happy!

  5. Yummy, your food looks really good! I didn't care a thing about the game, but enjoyed the commercials :)

    1. I watched the commercials as well but Hubby enjoyed the game.

  6. Everything looks tasty. Are they low carb? We did bacon wrapped shrimp!

    1. Debby, most was low carb or lower carb. We cut some carbs by having wheat pizza crust with lots of mean and very little sauce or baking instead of frying but some were what they were and I just didn't eat them.


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