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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photo Challenge # 9: Front Door

The challenge today is to post of picture of our front door. We have two doors, a inner door and a storm/screen door. In the summer, the glass comes out of the storm door and the screen goes in-hence the name storm/screen. I love summer so here are a few pictures of the screen door last year.

There is our Becke, the wonder dog sitting inside looking out. I love that girl!

And she is looking at flowers growing, can't wait for that scene again. Praying for it to happen soon.

And here is one of the inside door. I love color!

So what does your front door look like?


  1. Our storm door has a retractible screen ... so all I have to do is slide the glass down and the screen slides up.

  2. I love that second picture especially! Great shot!

  3. You captured it well. I especially like Becke looking out the screen door with the flowers.

  4. I love the screen door with Becke looking out. So sweet. Man it makes me want summer even more. Your inside door is beautiful too.

  5. What a sweet pic of your Becke at the door! And I do love the color of your inside door!

    So where do you get the photo challenges....it sounds like fun too!


    1. Tammy, look under the tab at the top for 2012 Challenges, click on her button and join in.

  6. New follower from the hop, hope you come by and follow!! Great Photos


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