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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo Challenge 24 & 25 & 26

I did take the photo for Friday but I hurt my right hand by tripping over Becke, the wonder dog, and my hand was swollen and I really didn't type much at all for the last few days so since I'm feeling better and the swelling is down right now I will play catch up.

Photo Challenge for the 24th was: Inside my Bathroom Cabinet.

Boy was I glad that last week I cleaned the bathroom and that meant the cabinet as well. So it is now clean and ready to be shown to the world.
I don't have a built in cabinet in our bathroom so this is the freestanding one in there.

This is the inside, all nice a tidy now.

Photo Challenge #25: Green

I love the color Green. I love that it looks like earth, green grass, green trees. Reminds me of summer, of warmer days and long naps out on the recliner on the deck; Sipping ice tea watching the garden grow. Staying up late because the sun is still in the sky. Getting up with the sun means getting up at 5am. Soft breezes on my face and plants growing. Summer is green!  
This hangs over the entranceway to the dining room. It's a reminder that summer is coming.

It was snowing a bit this morning but only a little of it stuck on the ground. The green trees against the white ground to me is very pretty.

When you think of green, what comes to mind? Is it a color that you like or not?

Photo for the 26th: Night
What better way to enjoy a night in NH, when it's all of 34 degrees with a wind chill making it feel colder, then hanging out by the pellet stove.  The house is warm and toasty as we watch the Oscars. My kind of night. 

So for "night" I give you the warmth of our stove.

Ok I'm all caught up now. Glad that February is a short month.


  1. This didn't make it to my Reader. ??

    Anyway, I'm so glad that your hand is better!

  2. Like you photos for your challenge. I do like the color green. Especially the celery colors.


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