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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photo Challenge #19: Something You Hate to Do

Boy am I glad I looked again at the list! I thought at first it was simply HATE. Hate is such a strong word and there is nothing that I absolutely HATE. So I moved to disliked......

There are so few things that I dislike as well and frankly the few things that I do "dislike" I didn't want to take a picture of them or share them (Like cleaning up dog vomit) ....
You're most welcome!

But there are few things that slip between the cracks and don't get done as often as I would like them to. And because I'm trying to be real here-----this is one of them.
Yup, I really dislike scrubbing the John,  Head,  Throne,  Loo, Latrine, Privvie, Comfort Station, Little Girls Room, and anything you want to call it.  It ends up getting done not as often as it should and requires gloves, and windows open!!   I will spare you the rest of the details.... but I will add that even the dogs leave the room...........

You are most welcome again.

Is there something that you hate to do?


  1. That's what a I was thinking too. haha

  2. I'm not a fan of cleaning the bathroom either. Ugh. Which means that I let it go too long, also. :-(

  3. LOL! I am also not a fan of cleaning the potty. I live with 3 men...'nuff said. Since I clean other people's bathrooms for a living I am embarrassed to admit that mine is too often neglected.


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