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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Problem with Wifi

Because the house has WiFi (thank you hubby) I tend to work in other rooms such as the living room or kitchen these days. I go into the office to sync the iPod Touch and the iPad but I then go sit someplace else so my office ended up looking like this. Ouch! I walked into the office to find something and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the clutter! This is not how I want to live or show my home and so a plan went into action.

First up was moving the furniture to it's new location for more space and to make this room function better. Moving furniture is free and hubby was willing to help with the electronics. I think he was afraid that I would do it without him and then have to go ask him for his help because I broke something-this was safer by far.

Moving the desk under the window allows me to look out at the changing leaves but more importantly the heat register is against that wall so it will come out right onto my cold toes. See, I'm no dummy!

The dresser holds a lot of office supplies like envelopes, ink cartridges and the such as well as craft supplies like colored pens/pencils and such. Some day it will match but for now, it works so it stays. It did get cleaned off and moved to a better spot however.

The large basket in back holds wrapping paper and the chest holds guest room sheets and blankets. Plus I like wicker! If you work in a office, then you want to have things in there that you like.

Taking out the closet door and hanging a curtain saves floor space, behind it is the vacuum, and a few other non-office pieces. They all needed storage so there they are-there! Did I tell you we have a small house! Storage space is limited around here!

The furniture doesn't match YET, it may be different styles but a can or two of spray paint will help bring the room together. For now I plan to go over every shelf, every drawer and ever storage container and toss what I either don't use anymore or is no longer working. All of that is free and the best use of my time right now. I'll keep you posted on the progress of the office space.

Do you have a room that needs to be revamped? How do you progress keeping a budget in mind?


  1. Funny you posted this today! I just revamped (totally) our old office. Before it contained a daybed (for the Ts) which took up one full wall and two desks side-by-side which took up one full wall. Windows take up the third wall, and closet doors take up the full fourth wall. The room didn't feel cramped, but it did kinda feel plenty full. ha! Since we now have wi-fi, too and have switched to laptops, the desks needed to go. So off to Goodwill they went, and in their place is now a sewing table. I have a couple of clear plastic storage bins leftover from our previous house (where there wasn't enough storage, so everything got shoved into bins and stacked in the basement); I'll put my fabrics into the bins and put my sewing supplies in a couple of my baskets. The table that I put in there isn't quite as wide as I'd like, so I would like to buy a wider table, but I'm going to stick with the folding table (much less expensive than any of the alternatives and can be used elsewhere if necessary -- another dining/serving table when we host large groups, etc.). I've already found one online that is about half the price that most larger folding tables go for. So while my revamping isn't going to be quite as inexpensive as yours is, I'll have a new sewing area for only a few $.

  2. I could have written that post except I haven't de-cluttered my office. We have a desk in the kitchen and a computer with wifi that is clean and neat and much more comfy than the office. So that's where I blog. I need to move back into the office one day soon. I am not brave enough to post photos, it's that bad!

    Love your basket for wrapping paper. What a great idea.

  3. hubby and I have been married 39 years.


  4. Thank you all for stopping by and letting me know that I am not alone with a "messy office". We have the desktop and a powerbook as well as iPads so we are not in the office much, BUT now that it is looking better we may spend more time in there.
    Anonymous: Love that you have been married 39 years. I pray that they have all been great years!


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