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Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick Tip Friday

Becke the wonder dog travels with us almost daily and having her in the back of the car means that dog hair is everywhere! So we put a twin size sheet on the back seat but how do you keep it in place? Today's quick tip is how to hold that sheet in place.

Twin size sheets can be bought at any department without having to get the entire set and they are perfect for covering the back seat. Lift the head rest and bring the sheet right up to the head rest.. Attach this sheet holder (also purchased at department stores in the linens department - 4 come in a pack) and push the head rest back into position.

It looks great and holds the sheet in place while she sits and moves back there. See, quick and easy. Have a great weekend and Lord willing I'll see you all Monday.


  1. Nice tip! We have enough dog hair in our van to knit a new dog. Unfortunately we don't have a bench seat in the middle row and she jumps from one seat to the other depending on what enticing smell is coming in which window. Once we move on from Mini-van land, I will put your tip into practice!

  2. Hi Lynn Marie,
    I use a polar fleece throw to cover the back seat of the car for my puppy dog to ride on instead of a twin sheet. I prefer a fleece throw because its thickness protects my car seats better from wet, muddy feet. It washes and dries fast too. Bought a pink one for cheap at WalMart.

    Like you, I tuck the top edge of the throw underneath the rear seat's head rests so that the back of the seat is covered. I don't need to use those sheet garters because the throw stays in place. I think it's because the microfiber fabric isn't slippery like a sheet can be (I've used those too).

    I've also found that a fleece throw holds on to the dog hair better than a sheet as well. (And you know how much dog hair my puppy dog has).

    I add a towel across the seat, on top of the throw. That's so my dog has something to pull up and rearrange before she settles down for the ride. I top this all off with two small pillows that my dog can also redecorate the back seat with.

  3. Anu,
    Your little dog has pillows! I put one back there once for Becke, she tossed it on the floor - I took the hint. I will use fleece in the winter but I still use the sheet garters to hold them. I use sheets in the warmer weather since I don't use the A/C much so she is not over hot sitting on fleece in August. I love how you take care of your little white spinning top!


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