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Friday, October 22, 2010

Quick Tip Friday: Problem solved!

Problem: Since it's just hubby and I for most meals here it can take up to a full week before the dishwasher is full. Because it takes us so long to fill the dish washer we pre rinse everything that goes into it. Problem then becomes that we can't always tell if the dishes are clean waiting to be put away or dirty waiting to be cleaned. I wanted to solve this problem without spending any money. Here is what I did.

These sport calendars come in the mail every year and since this was a calendar for 2009 I felt safe using it. Best part is that they have the magnet backing already on them.

My kitchen walls are dark yellow and I have lots of dark red accents so I used yellow construction paper and red letters that I already had. The rope was left over from the duvet cover project. Add some hot glue, some sunflowers I cut out from a stash I had and problem solved. If you use rope make sure you hot glue the ends so it will not ravel.

The entire thing took 15 minutes to cut, glue and assemble - quick. And now we know the status of the dishwasher and it didn't cost one single cent! How do you tell the clean from the dirty?

Love someone this weekend and I'll see you Monday, Lord willing.


  1. I have added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower also.

  2. Wow! i can't imagine a day when it takes a week to fill the dishwasher! I'm lucky if I don't have to do any handwashing of dishwasher-safe items on a daily basis b/c my machine is already full! But I'm not complaining (too much!) b/c my dishwasher is full as a result of me getting to stay home with my kids. Not a bad price to pay ::)
    Love the magnet by the way!

  3. Love a frugal, cute solution... great job!

  4. I keep asking myself..."now why didn't I think of that?" Great idea that we'll use since there are just the two of us also. Thanks for sharing.


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