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Monday, October 25, 2010

Week End Review: Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy.

This past week hubby and I said goodbye to two wonderful women. Both had been ill for many years and both had husbands who stayed with them through their ordeals. These are the examples we need more of - men who take their marriage vows seriously.

Mary Francis was in her 70's when she died. She had suffered for many years with her body failing yet her mind stayed sharp. She sent out cards to people even after her handwriting was so bad that it was impossible to read. You knew she was thinking of you and that mattered more than anything. She raised 3 wonderful children who all had her Irish red hair and personality. She was the wonderful kind of bossy and you always laughed when you were with her.

Doreen was only 46 when she died and had been ill for more than 15 years with Lupus. She once said that she would gladly bear all the illness in return for her children having none of them. She smiled all the time and instead of whining about her circumstances she would ask about you and your family. She had 3 children as well and was so proud of each and every one. She was a teen in one of my hubbies Sunday Bible Classes when we both started to admire her her grace, her love and her trust. She never blamed God for what was happening to her, she just drew closer to Him.

Both women married men of integrity, honor, and moral soundness. These men meant the vows they took. For Better and Worst meant just that. Over their marriages they had lean times and wealth and as for health, they both suffered through years of failing health yet the husbands stayed, cared for, cooked for, cleaned up for,and never complained for their love kept them going and they were glad to be of service to the loves of there lives.

As hard as it is for these men right now, they both talk about how proud they were to have such nobel woman in their lives. They felt privileged to have such women to love. What examples of Godly men these two are.

Both woman are now receiving their rewards. Although they are missed here- their bodies are finally whole and when I think of them both, I find myself smiling.

I thank God that I could be a small part of their lives.


  1. What a nice post to read on this Monday morning. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a lovely tribute you've written.

    My sympathy to you and Gerry for the loss of these two extraordinary women. I'm sure you and Gerry were each a great comfort to them as you blessed them with your friendship.



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