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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dog Tag Cozy

See Becke?
See Becke's Harnes with tag cozy?

I don't put collars on my dogs, it's a personal choice on my part so her tags are attached to her harness. She has a lot of tags- town license, therapy tags, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) tag, microchip tag, emergency numbers tag, rabies tag, and READing tag. These tags make a lot of noise when she walks and you know one can't sneak up on you if you make all sorts of noise every time you move so I made this cozy for her. I saw something like in a speciality store but knew that I could make it out of scrap material so here is a tutorial in case you want to make one for your dog or as a gift for someone with a dog.

About 5 inches long

By 3 inches wide
Velcro 2 inches long

Material is about 5 x 3 inches, you can make yours larger if you have a lot of tags or smaller if you have fewer tags. With Velcro 2 inches long. 

                                              Turn material over about 1/4 inch and stitch


Turn it over again and this time place the female part of the Velcro soft side up under before you sew that seem. Then lift just the Velcro and tack it in place.

Tack Velcro in place

On the other end you do the same thing except you place the male part of the Velcro with the backing side up and so that the little "teeth" start  by facing wrong side of the material. 

Place right side together and sew side seams

You're done!

Place the Velcro around the D ring on the collar or harness and your done! 

It's easy and you can make one for each season or holiday and the tags stay clean which makes them easier to read if you ever need to.

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