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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

God's Quilt

 We are getting some much needed rain in our neck of the country. Not just regular rain, we might get some thunder showers as well. So when I look out my window I see this


I really like clouds and these are probably my favorite. They remind me of the underside of a quilt. As I look at the beauty around me I see all sorts of green trees, flowers, birds, wild turkeys, and horses. I truly live in a beautiful part of the county. I feel blessed being here.  I can sit on my couch with a cup of tea and listen to the rain falling outside and I am safe, so when I see these clouds I feel wrapped up inside this. I complain a lot about the long cold winters up here but God is trying very hard to allow me to see that I am where He wants me to be and I am trying hard to learn that lesson. With my bifocals on I am seeing my world with different eyes and reflecting on what I see around me.  

I have the ground below me and Gods quilt around me.  I have some friends who make quilts and I am always amazed at what these very talented woman can do with what to me looks like a few scraps of material. They make the most beautiful quilts! So when I am under God's quilt, I imagine that the the top of His quilt looks like Heaven. Give me a cup of tea, a good book or article, OK a good iPad game;  a blanket to cover my legs and - to really make it special Chocolate! If I am asking for perfect than I need my hubby cuddling next to me. That is a great evening to me. I feel safe, protected, loved, cared for and cherish. I know that He is in charge and all is well. Let the thunder roll!

Do you have a special season or time or place where you feel God more than other times? 

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