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Monday, August 30, 2010

I Love the Country Life

We live in the country in a small town. The center of town closes down at 6pm and the

only shops open are the pizza parlor and one sub shop. There are 2 larger food stores on

the edge of town almost into the city that stay open longer - they close at 9pm. I love that every one goes home and spends time with their families and I love living out here. I love the quiet. I love hearing toads croak. I love being not so close that I see my neighbors next door. When we walk on the road this is what we see.

We do have traffic but it's nothing like city life and the cars slow down and move over for us as we walk (and they wave at us). I don't think you see that walking in the city. People are so friendly out here! I so love that. Some will stop and comment on our dog or the nice weather. What a great place to live.

This one house has these turkeys and hens in their yards all the time. I don't know if they raise them or put treats on their grass to keep them but it's great to walk by and see them just having a ball in there. Most of our walk is lined with trees - oh there are houses here but most have driveways that are 75 feet long so they are set back from from the road - covered with trees to protect them from the snow in winter and sun in summer. I love country life!

We walk past this pond all the time...what a beautiful sight to see everyday. In the spring, when the snow melts, the road over this pond washes out and we have to go another way out of town. Now that I have my bifocals I really do see better and I notice the things that I never did before. I see the flowers' rich colors. I see the beauty of the trees that line our street. I see all that God has placed in my path and never noticed before. Thank God for bifocals! And I see how cute Becke is standing in the pond cooling off her feet. She is my walking companion.

Most of the trees are still green but there are hits of color to come peeking out at me as I walk.

What do you love about where you live? I would love to hear and see what inspires you. All comments are welcome.


  1. Having recently returned home from traveling a round trip of roughly 3,000 miles I can answer you in this way: I love living in this country. City or town, field or forest, mountains or meadows--I love this country. The scenes that rolled by my window are a testament to God's creativity and love for detail and variety. We passed through the people-stuffed suburbs and tangled interstates of southern New England. The rolling hills and forests of Virginia and Pennsylvania were constant reminders of the reward for the sweat and blood that was spilled during the Civil War to keep this country whole. Through horse country in Kentucky and farmland in Arkansas we drove. My overriding thought was how each place had its beauty. And as I passed by church buildings and billboards proclaiming faith in our Creator, I was reminded how constantly and steadily He is working, both by our side and far from it. In places whose accent and decor and rhythm of life is so different from mine, He is working. I was also reminded of how much work there is to be done. So yes, I love and am grateful for my home and the community outside my door, but today, I am filled with love and thankfulness for this country and the privilege of living within its borders.

  2. Terri - Well said and thank you.


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