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Life is not always clear and easy to figure out. So grab a cup of coffee and your bifocals and let's see what we can see.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Spy with My Bifocal Eye

I woke up this morning and went looking for my bifocals. They were in the kitchen in my purse so I found them, put them on and this is the first thing I saw. Our 2 children are grown and married so this is for the grandchildren. I love our grandchildren. Grandchildren are God's reward to us for allowing our children to live! Anyone who has teens knows the feeling of frustration raising them. Teens are nice as pie one minute, you leave the room to get a drink and come back to find that the teen has been replaced by some creature from Mars! Our Mantra for years was "This too will pass.  This too will pass." Teens are great for one prayer life, it was for our anyhow.  Well, time did pass and both children are now great adults with wonderful spouses (one of the best choices they ever made) and have blessed us with 3 grand children. I love hearing about there day, there time at school, camping and every day life with them. We have two grandsons who live far away but our daughter in law sends up updates all the time. She is wonderful about that and I'm not saying that because she reads this blog. I really mean it - she is pure joy and so wonderful to us!  Our youngest lives nearby and is 17 months, I melt when she hugs my leg, looks up at me, smiles and say "UP". I get to see her every week thanks to our wonderful, talented and beautiful daughter and her super great husband. Yes, I'm so glad that we let the kids live. So, with my bifocals, I can see the high chair clearly today and I am thankful for grand children (and the adult children who made them). What a blessing!  What did you see today?


  1. I still haven't seen anything clearly yet this morning b/c I still haven't put my glasses on (I'm typing this with my nose about 6 inches from the screen). I get up, make my coffee, and then listen to the Daily Audio
    Bible. Do you know about it? Free app for your computer, Ipod, or Ipad. I highly recommend it.. "Brian" is wonderful to listen to, great insights and a great way to start the day. Thanks for your kind words today :)

  2. Tiffany,
    Yes I listen to the Daily Audio Bible in the car on my way to work most mornings. I've had him on my iPod for 2 years now. Really enjoy him. Thanks for stopping by and visiting the blog. Love you.

  3. Excellent analogy!

    It may be rather telling, but I have to strategically place a pair of glasses in various parts of the house so that I'm not caught off guard. :)

    Congratulations on your new blog!!!!

  4. Fiddledeedee - Thanks for your praise. I feel like a blog star now that you have come to see me. I have been following your blog for years and love your style. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Welcome to blogging! You can most certainly link to my blog. I look forward to hearing about your life!

  6. Wendi-
    Thank you so much. I so enjoy your blog and your decorating style. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you come visit again. Also thank you for letting me add you to my blog list.

  7. Just popped over from your link on the Random Dozen. Have fun with your new blog...I've 'met' so many nice people blogging. My girls are young adults now..I am enjoying this age a lot. I wish we were closer in geography but we are close in heart : )


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