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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the air

With August coming to an end fall is not far behind. For some, the end of August means the start of school up here in NH, but I know for some of my readers, school has already started. For some, the end of August means just one more holiday is left, Labor Day - before the summer will officially be over. August for me means that it's time to get out the fall decorations. So its time to put away the summer flowers and light colors and to bring out the warm fall ones. I do not like to see summer come to an end but I do love the colors of fall. I love the dark yellows, red, and oranges of the trees around me. I love not having the fans on (or the A/C for that matter).

I started with changing out the shower curtain for a darker heavy curtain with a heavy liner. When it's cold outside, this will keep us toasty in the shower as it will keep the heat in! Adding a fall topper is cheaper than getting a shower curtain just for the fall and then another one just for Thanksgiving and then Christmas. This way you just change out the topper. I have one for fall and then one for winter.

Light colors are great for the summer and the sunflower topper adds more of a summer feel (I love sunflowers)

But the heaver, warm darker tan feels more like fall.

pine cone shower hooks add to the fall feel

The fall topper is full of wonderful fall color

I then started to put away the summer decorations in the bath and ended with a new look all together! I have never liked the cabinets but we cannot afford to replace them so the next best thing is to paint them. So I went shopping for paint.  I wanted something dark and couldn't decide between black or chocolate brown. I got Nighttail. It's kind of like a dark gray with undertone on brown. Here is the cabinet before:

Plain, drab, nothing special at all

Now they pop!

But now the wall looks dirty! Stay tuned!


  1. Wow, I haven't even though about changing any decorations, much less repainting cabinets. See how much time you have to do things when you have a cleaning and cooking plan!

  2. I also have extra time because I am not running a school out of my home and taking care of 2 children like you do Tiff. Your hands and time is full!


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