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Monday, August 16, 2010

More of My Favorite Things- Morning

I love morning! I wake up ready to move so some of my favorite things are right in my kitchen.  Want to see?

I really like coffee! Even though it’s decaf, I really like coffee! The smell alone can wake me up. I look forwarded to in the morning. We visit Dunkin Donuts more than Starbucks because in NH there are more Dunkin Donuts (DD’s) than Starbucks and my husband knows just about all of them.  We can find coffee anytime but my favorite is coffee from home. I’m Scottish, I like cheap  fugal.

I like old furniture with a history. This side board belonged to my grandmother.  Back in the early 1900’s young ladies didn’t get to go past the 4th grade (they only needed to know how to write there name and count), but my grandmother made all her girls go all the way through high school and finishing school.  They were going to be educated just like the boys because she believed in the power of education.  I am reminded of that when I see this beautiful piece of furniture that she had in her home for years.  When she died my mother got it and I put a tag on the back of it with my name on it. I wanted to make sure that it came to me.  As you can see, it did!

I am old enough to remember this ice box in our kitchen when I was growing up.  I have a very clear memory of watching the ice man deliver ice and put it inside this icebox.  It was yellow when I was growing up but that changed when I got my hands on it.  I love dark red so it became that.  I polish it with found memories. It makes me smile.

I really am happy when I wake up and see our kitchen – or should I say wake up and see our CLEAN kitchen.  There is something about entering the kitchen first thing in the morning and finding the kitchen clean. Makes me smile.

Especially when coffee is already made and waiting for me! Did I say how much I like coffee already?

I like our kitchen. It’s small, no fuss, easy to keep clean and pleasing to my eye.  I like looking at it – what can I say!

Another cup? Sure, my bifocals are on and I’m ready for the day!

So how do you start your day?


  1. Some of my favorite things are making PTC (Coffee) for you; Going to a restaurant and sharing a meal with you; Cuddling with you on the sofa watching our Monday night comedy's or our British Comedy's. Nice Blog entry today, my love!

  2. Someone else starts my day for me. That someone is my puppy dog, Pukak.

    I usually sense her sitting next to my side of the bed. She's giving me her intense 'hairy eyeball' stare, willing me to wake up. It works.

    Sometimes (okay, lots of times actually), I like to pretend I'm still asleep. That's when Pukak switches to Plan B - a soft and insistent "Wake up Mommy" whine. That always cracks me up so I open my eyes to show her I'm awake.

    Seeing my dog's smiling face and wagging tail first thing in the morning always makes me happy - it's like Christmas morning every day.

    Then I get dressed and take her out for our first walk of the day together. This quiet time with Pukak is the kindest, gentlest way I've ever found to start each new day.

  3. Anu - love how Pukak gently wakes you up. Becke is not so gentle! She jumps on and off rocking the bed as if an earth quake is taking place. So out she goes, then coffee while she does what she went out for! Nice to see here.


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