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Friday, August 13, 2010

"These are a few of My Favorite Things":

No I am not going to break out in song. I would never offend my wonderful readers with a video of me singing.  You are all safe!

I want to thank you all for your comments about wearing bifocals. You have been wonderful and funny at the same time.  I am being very careful around stairs as many of you have told me to do. I do not want to break anything!  You made me laugh and that is a wonderful gift. So today I thought I would show you some of my favorite things: Well I’m starting with my favorite people first.

My husband and I have been married for 38 years and we still hold hands. I love his touch. He makes me feel loved, safe, protected, wanted, desired, smart, pretty and warm (we live in NH – Warm is not something I come by easily). He is a hard working Godly man who is has been providing for this family our entire 38 years. He makes me laugh at life everyday and he is my best friend. Next to God, he is my favorite person ever. I am so proud to his wife and carry his last name. 

Our kids are also on this list but you will not see a picture of them or read there names without there permission.  They are all grown up with families of there own and I would not just add them here. But they are joy with legs! We have 2 children and in many ways they are very different.  I love them both and my heart is filled with pride when I see how they turned out (in spite of me). Both are mature, hard working, kind, loveing adults with lots of talent. Our son is the computer wiz that I pretend to be.  He can link anything and understands computer language so well.  I understand 2 things about computers: 1. they work, 2. they don’t.  Our daughter is a hard working mom who is so much more that I was at her age.  She is talented in many ways but music and photography are two of the ones I like the best. Here is one my favorite photos that our daughter took several years back. She has such an eye for photography!

Our daughter-in-law (D-I-L) and son-in-law (S-I-L) are champions! They came into this family with there heads held high and they stayed!  Both are very talented: D-I-L runs a home day care and still finds time to send me news about all the boys (that includes our son)  and your should hear our S-I-L play the guitar!  Such talent!  They are both very mature and smart, and kind.  We could not have asked for better spouses for our children.  What a blessing both of are to me.

Our Grandchildren are also a source of fun and enjoyment. What can I say, “Kids Say the Darnest Things”. I smile when I hear stories about the grandson’s day and some of the things they do.  I laugh when I see the grand daughter play with Becke (our dog but she calls her DAWG)

Becke. Her full name is Integrity StarBeck, but we call her Becke, Beck, Bo and now Dawg (insert slight southern accent on that one). She is 10 ½ years old Yellow Lab and loves life.  She is trained to the level service dog but really enjoys therapy work and freestyle (dance). She takes up most of the bed and we don’t mind at all.  She goes with us to most places because she knows how to behave.  After playing with our grand daughter she looks like this:

And what would life be like without my extended family and friends.  All the brother-in-laws, sisters-in-law, nephnews, neices, cousnes and friends, who make me laugh, think, and who share there lives with me in person or on Facebook. All the Church family and friends -you add to my life and enrich it. Thank you all.

So how about you: who are your favorite people and why?


  1. There seems to be a problem posting comments. Thank you to my friend who has been trying to post a comment all day and has emailed me to let me know of the problem. I am so sorry. Learning to blog also means learning blogging language. My Bifocals are just making the process harder. Bear with me please Thank you.

  2. You are definitely my favorite person in the whole world, I am a truly blessed and fortunate soul.


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