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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Every day there are choices to make. What time to get up, what to wear, which coffee to have, how early to leave the house, what to buy at the store. Yup lots and lots of choices! Some we don't mind making and it really doesn't matter if we make some choices (do I have the vanilla coffee or the caramel coffee?) While others may make a huge difference (which path do I take to battle this cancer).  Language is a choice as well. 

Yesterday afternoon I noticed that someone hit my car and broke my front bumper. Worst part, they didn't leave a note! Yes it is sad.

Thinking back over the last few days it must have happened sometimes Monday night while Hubby and I were out after the blizzard getting supplies. The roads were pretty bad and the parking lots were pretty messy - accidents do happen, but to not leave a note!  After showing Hubby and thinking back to when/where it might have happened, the next step is to take pictures, call the insurance and let them take pictures as well , then get it fixed. No yelling, screaming or swearing about a car. I like my car, but I Love my family. 

This is what I first saw

The view from the front

The close up! :-(

I view our cars as one of our Domestic Servant that needs to be cared for but unlike a hurt family member, I will not lose sleep, I will not plan revenge, I will not drive to the stores we visited on Monday night and demand to watch there parking lot recordings. I will not swear over it nor will I cry.  I will remind myself that I am a blessed woman who has a car that still works. I have a warm house on a cold night. I have a God who loves me.  I have insurance to fix the car and will call them in the morning.  In the meantime, I have something to blog about: CHOICES. We all make them, how do you make yours?


  1. A car is a "tool" ... something that takes us where we need to go. It can be repaired. So why waste the energy worrying and fretting about it. Sounds to me like you made a great choice. ;-)

    Have a wonderful week leading up to the New Year.


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