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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolutions

I was wondering what new years tradition you have. Do you get together with friends and play games, or do you join others for "First Night" events in your home town? It has never been a party night for us. Either Hubby is working and I am home alone, or we fall sleep long before the ball drop, - yes we are big time late owls who party with the best of them-but we set the alarm and wake up to watch the ball drop. Do watch it? Do you make new years resolutions? I've made many over the years, read a certain number of books, loose weight, and give up chocolate (why did I make that one!!!)  I hate it when I make a resolution and then break it two weeks into the new year. I feel like a failure. So last year I resolved to make no resolutions. I kept that one so picture me doing a happy dance here.  

This year I would like to try my hand at a new years resolution.  I think I will resolve to the following:
 Smile more - laugh more - hug more - tell people I love them more - write more - and trust more.
Watch TV less - get angry less - and complain less.  How about you, any resolutions?


  1. DH & I don't usually stay up until midnight ... it's official ... we're old. ha!

    I don't make any resolutions ... I find that I do better if I start immediately with whatever it is that I want to do (lose weight, spend more time in the Word, watch TV less, etc.).

    Wishing you a blessed New Year.

  2. Last year we were in NYC, stayed right dowtown a hop skip and jump from Times Square...lots of fun. This year we'll be home...probably play games, watch tv and I'll wake up from my nap on the couch to say happy new year
    : )

  3. If you don't mind, I believe I'll borrow your resolutions. Those are really good and I know my life would be a lot better if I actually kept them.

  4. We will just be at home trying to stay awake until midnight. I don't really do any resolutions per say although I always want to go on a diet after Christmas.

  5. No resolutions for me this year, except to read my Bible through. I make that one every year, though. We were planning to have a bunch of friends over for the New Year, but didn't think they would appreciate us sharing the flu with them... plans canceled!

  6. You've got great resolutions!! I hope to lose some weight, read through the Bible, do the Daily Guideposts 2011 Devotional, reach my 400 miles for my fitness challenge either through walking or biking, and spend more time with family.

    For New Years Eve we usually just stay home and watch the ball drop but this year we're having a bonfire with our daughter and her in laws so we can all bring in the new year together.


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