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Friday, December 24, 2010

Quick Tip Friday: What to do with Christmas Cards

The cards from this year hanging as you walk in. Thank you all!

Outfit # 29, I've been Nice - how about you?

Today is Christmas Eve, and you may be running around trying to get the last bit of shopping done. Or maybe you are still baking those special cookies. The house is beautiful, the tree may be filled with all the gifts ready to hand out.  So with all you may still have to do, I am thrilled that you stopped by for a quick visit. Impressed really.  As you look at all the cards, or email you got this year, do you have plans with what to do with them after Christmas? Well since I'm Scottish I keep them and reuse them next year. 

I cut the cards in two and toss out the part where they signed there names. Now if the card has a really nice verse on it, I may keep it to use the verse for further use. I will hold onto the picture cover part of the card for a year. So these pictures are from cards we got last year.  Here some options that I do with those cards.

1. It becomes a gift tag for a large gift.  Keep the size as is and just punch a hole in it and write then name of the new recipient of the gift. Attach to the new gift. 

2. If you need a small gift tag, cut part of the card, glue it to card stock and punch a hole then attach it to a gift. Sometimes the back of the card has a small photo that is perfect for this. That is what I did here.

Use scrapbook scissors to cut out the part of the card you like.

Glue it on top of matching card stock, punch a hole it it and use yarn to attache it to the smaller gift.   No more buying gift tags, no more tossing out great cards to the land fill, no more writing on the gift with a Sharpie and you get to see all the cards all over again!

3. Using craft sticks, create a frame  and take some of the cards to place on the back, rub the top with glue stick and let your little ones shake some glitter on top and hang your child's work of art.  

Thank you for stopping by on such a busy day. I so appreciate it! Have a blessed day today and Tomorrow. Laugh, Love, and now Stop reading blogs and go hug someone! While you're at it, thank the Lord for someone to love.  Lord willing, I'll see you Monday.  



  1. Those are great ideas! Another idea is to send them to St. Jude's.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. In the kindergarten class I where I once worked, we used large cookie cutters to trace the shape over the picture part of cards, cut them out, then punched a hole at the top and used 1/4" ribbon to make a tie which turned the cards into "ornaments" for the tree. Shapes like stars, bells, trees, and ornaments work well.

  3. What neat ideas for our Christmas cards!

    Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas!


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