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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last of Home Christmas Decorations

I promise that this is it! The final tour of decorations at our decorated home! I bet you are all done with peeking inside this home. I know Becke is tired of it!

Nut Crackers great you when you enter the living room.

Santa's' tucked by the TV watch guard over the house (my favorite is the policeman Santa) :-)

I put a few decorations in the bathroom. I enjoy a good soak and playing Christmas music, smelling a nice candle, and looking at some nice memories of what makes me smile. Snow men are just so cute and after Christmas, they can stay up for winter so I will enjoy looking at them from the tub.

The shelf over the bathroom "wood stove" holds more breakable treasures. While hanging snow men add fun.

The manger is old! Not as old as me but close. It's the only manger we have and it's simple. Sort of like the birth itself. A simple reminder of the night that changed the world and gave us the greatest gift of all. The birth of the King that would save our souls.

That is a picture of Hubby in his Dress White Uniform. He looks so great in that photo!

This is not our house, remember I don't do very much outside because what goes up must come down and it comes down when it 12 degrees and 5 feet of snow and frozen to the ground and that is not for me. But we went for a drive and found this house that did this in there front yard. It was just so pretty that I took a picture to share with you. You can't even see the house - at all!

So that's the house. Hope you enjoyed the small tour. Now get your decorations out and get them up because I want to peek at your house!

Christmas Outfit # 14


  1. Thanks for the tour ... it was fun!

    Your house feels so Christmas-y! <3


  2. You would be proud of our grandsons Grannie, they both have a Christmas tree in their rooms. And they decorated them themselves. Noah has barely a spare inch left on his tree, but everyday he tells me he's not done and does a little more. They both go to sleep with their tree lights on and then I turn them off before I go to bed. I'll get pictures to you soon, as soon as Noah is done :)

  3. That was supposed to be "your grandsons" :)

  4. I like the nutcrackers, my SIL collects them and displays them too at Christmas time!

    very nice decorations!! Everything does look festive indeed :)


  5. Very cute! I'm trying to get it done. Gee I barely have one Christmas outfit!

  6. Ah, now you are even smarter than I am, Lynn Marie. I do LOVE the idea of the veggie box in the freezer... but I am impatient. By the time my chocolates have thawed enough to bite into them, I will have been discovered. Amy's first words were, "I smell chocolate!"


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