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Monday, December 27, 2010

Weekend Review: White Boxing Day

Our Christmas was just perfect and relaxing. After opening our gifts here we had a great large breakfast and relaxed until the afternoon. Then we went over our daughters and had more gifts to deliver to our granddaughter and played with her and her toys.  Then we came home and again relaxed. It was wonderful and stress free!

And the final outfit for the season.

Well, if you count 2 inches of snow on the ground a white Christmas, then we did have a white Christmas but we really got a White Boxing day and today we are in a blizzard. Power is going out around  us because of the high wind - our power lines are above the ground so heavy snow, strong winds all can take the power out.  But Hubby has the generator ready to go in case we do go black.  Temps are below 0 with the wind chill and the entire state just south of us is shut down! Where we are the state is not shut down, but out little town is. They closed down yesterday.
Here are some photos of what we are dealing with now.

Really large snow flakes and it is coming down hard and fast

This is still early morning, I wonder what it will be like when done!

Poor Becke has a hard time getting down these steps, better get them shoveled!

The view in our front yard, it sure is pretty to look at (with coffee in my hands)

The one plant let in the yard that is covered. 

Stay safe everyone. I'll be working on those back steps!  


  1. Elegant outfit on a lovely lady. I didn't read if you had dinner. What do you do for Christmas dinner? .

  2. Oh, wow, a white Christmas! We had some flurries, but none stuck. Stay warm...Kathy

  3. It looks beautiful. Stay warm and safe. Our power was out today for now reason at all! Have a great week and a Happy New Year.

  4. THose are the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen! Did we tell you we had a white Christmas too? Yep, even here in San Diego. Fog so thick it was white outside :)


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