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Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Review: Office Decorations

Saturday's Outfit #9

Sunday's Outfit # 10 (way too big now!)

Monday Outfit #11 - also to big now!

Along with some special decorations on the tree, we have a few scattered around the house. Let me show you around my office.

This is a picture of Hubby's biological mother, Germaine was her name. She died when Hubby was 11 years old so I never met her. We don't have a lot of pictures of her and I was told once that she was pregnant with Hubby in this photo. So her picture is in this frame with gifts on it because she gave me a very special gift and I will forever be grateful to her. Next to her is an Angel, and on the stand it says "God Made you Special". She was 35 years old when she died. You never know if you will get to watch your children grow up. Cherish them as long as you can. Thank you Germaine for the gift of your son.

This snow lady in purple was given to me by a very dear friend who I had the honor of knowing for not nearly long enough! She moved south to warm up but sent me this special- wonderful gift (she knows I love purple). I place it near 2 picture frames with photos of her and another friend who also moved away but who is also still in my heart. Good friends may not live close in person but thanks to FB and email and other such things, they can still be close. I still laugh and cry thinking about these two women. We may not have our cherished friends with us for our entire lives, laugh with them while you can.

Another small tree in my office to keep the spirit. I love small trees and have them in just about every room. When I am sitting at my desk working there, I love looking around the things I love.

What memories do you have around your house? I would love to hear your story.


  1. I love seeing your decorations and hearing the stories behind them. Thanks for sharing! I have a Christmas snow village that my sister-in-law gave DH & me for a wedding gift ... it isn't Christmas until it's out. And of course, there are ornaments on the tree ...some from when I was a little girl and some from when DD was a little girl, some from our trips ... so many with memories.

  2. I'm still working on my decorating...we're almost there! I have a lot of shopping left though. I'm jet lagged today and my hubs is out tonite so I'm just giving in to the feeling I have of wanting to stay in my pjs all day : )

  3. Wonderful decorations... my boss is kinda a scrooge, no decorations here.

  4. How neat with that picture of your husband's mother; I am sure it is very treasured!! Like all your other decorations you included here! Cute tops too!! Enjoying that seeing your collection of those :)


  5. Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw your purple snow lady in today's post! I was touched by your remarks, and also treasure the years we worked together being able to enjoy our friendship close by.

    I also remember very fondly our holiday names, you being Lynn MerryChristmas, of course!

    Love, Jingle Bell Blondie

  6. Anu, I can not have a Christmas with out thinking of you my friend and the purple snow lady you gave me. It is carefully packed every year and I look forwarded to seeing it again every Chirstmas. Corgi, Yes, Hubbys mother has a special place in my life, without her, there would be no Hubby! She only had him for 10 years but she sure did raise him right!


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