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Friday, December 3, 2010

Quick Tip Friday: Shopping bags

While I was making the "pounding bag" I made a few more for Christmas gifts as well. I would always have a hard time getting gifts home after opening them because there were no bags. This way the receiver will have a bag to take home and then can use it for whatever. Here are the bags for the West Coast Crew. Each were embellished with a red snowman. They have been packed and sent.

Can't you picture this one with a small toy sail boat on the outside and filled with picnic supplies?

I took the shopping bags out of the back of my car and washed them, then transformed them. I won't mind taking one stores' canvas bag into a competitors store anymore. They all look great now.

These don't take long at all to sew up and really do look wonderful! Try it, it's a quick way to make every day tasks more fun.

Oh and here is outfit # 8 Have a great weekend and Lord Willing, I'll see you Monday.


  1. I'm having trouble opening the link (it keeps asking me to log into blogger, but won't accept my log-in ... no error message ... just the log in box) ... I suspect it's on my end and will try again in a while. ;-)

    See you on Monday (will we get to see your Christmas outfits from the weekend?).


  2. clever idea for the gift bags! I bet they are appreciated by all the recipients!

    have a great weekend!


  3. I'm trying to get caught up with visiting all of my blogging friends today.
    I love these bags, and I really enjoyed the post about your Christmas tree. I think we all have lots of memories wrapped up in our trees, I know I do.
    I love remembering...while decorating my tree. Yours is beautiful--and so are the memories attached!


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