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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Decorating: The Tree

I was stunned when Hubby agreed to put up the tree early this year. Every year I politely ask to put the tree up early (I drive him nuts , nagging him and playing Christmas Music so loud you can hear it out side) and every year he says " 2 weeks before Christmas". This year he said "Sure". Well I was not going to be so silly as to say "What did you just say?" he may change his mind! Instead, I started moving furniture to make room for the tree. We have a 5 foot tree that we put up on the coffee table and this year we put it in our front window.

We use colored lights. I know a lot of people who use only white lights and I accept the fact that they are colored challenged and that in a free country there is room for both all white and colored lights, I'm just saying we do the colored. What about you?

Every decoration on the tree has a story. Like these wooden ones.

Our first Christmas found us living in New Mexico. We were 18 years old, married, a baby on the way, living in off base military housing and I was on bed rest till the baby was born. We didn't have a tree but our neighbor did (military families often end up with more than one tree) and they loaned us their tree. It was a small (about 3 feet) table top tree and it was Pink! This was the 70's after all! We didn't have money for decorations or gifts for anyone. Hubby and I went to the local "stuff - cheap" store on one of my rare trips out of the house allowed by the doctor and bought a paint by number wooden Christmas ornament kit and I sat on the couch with my feet up and painted these. Some were gifts and some we kept. 38 years later, we still have them and remember just how poor we were and just how much of a blessing that time was.

This was made for us by our daughter a very long time ago. She told us it was a angel but didn't like white so hers was different! It sure is and it's still on the tree.

This was given to us by a sister-in-law (SIL), they have a pine scent that helps our fake tree smell real. Love that!

And this was made by the son who was born soon after that first Christmas. I cannot bring myself to even think about tossing out these gifts, they hold beautiful memories that shaped who we all have become.

There are many other ornaments on our tree given to us by family, friends, and loved ones. I love seeing them all and remembering.

The tree skirt under the tree holds a special place in my heart. It was made by the best Mother-In-Law ever! She was a Godly woman who I was so blessed to have in my life. She has since received her reward for her life here and so when the tree skirt goes under the tree, I always say "Thank you Mom, I still miss you."

They are reminders of our blessings. We all need to be reminded where we started, where we are now and Who has blessed us so richly. Then we can begin to be thankful for our blessing instead of complaining about what we don't have. That is the Spirit of Christmas, That is what we celebrate, the true GIFT of Love.

What memories are on your tree?

And here is Christmas out fit number 7. I found it on sale for $3.00 after I had pulled out my shirts to find that some came down to my knees!


  1. I love this! It is colored lights on our tree. Whenever we take a trip or go on a special outing we buy an ornament for our tree. It is fun to pull them out and fondly remember a special time.

  2. Love your special tree filled with all the memories!! I especially love that cute little horse ornament you made when you were expecting! Thank you also for your family's service to our country! Always a blessing to meet a fellow military family!

  3. That's one of the best parts about Christmas....putting up the tree and remembering how each one came into our possession! I'll have to share about the others that were given to us since I shared some of my favorite homemade ones by the kids! I love your paint by number one too! I can see how special that would be with how it came to be part of your tree!

    We do white lights, but I think my hubby would love to have one with colored. We both grew up with colored lights! I never met a light I didn't like (well I don't really care for them flashing). For me, the clear seem serene and peaceful, but I do love them all! We usually have a small tree somewhere with colored lights...usually in Colt's room.

    Thanks for sharing! Loved reading your memories!


  4. Thank you for the tour ... and for the stories behind some of your ornaments. Thanks for sharing with us.


    P.S. I love your kitchen!

  5. beautiful tree and lots of special ornaments on them; each with their own unique story! cool too that your husband was willing to put the tree up early this year!!

    very festive looking indeed!

    enjoy the day!


  6. I remember popping into your office, before I went outside with the dogs, to check out your Christmas sweater of the day. It was always fun seeing what you were wearing leading up to the holiday, and added a lot to the spirit of cheer at work.

    Love your picture today! It's the first time I can see how slender you are, and you look wonderful!

    xox Anu

  7. Lynn, Love your tree and decorations. We also have so many decorations with a lot of special meanings. Our first ornaments came from a Christmas shower given for me by the group home of mentally challenged adults that I worked for. Our tree topper was a felt purple hippo. Since they were born each of our children has been given ornaments so they have their own collection for when they move out on their own. We like colored lights, I like the small ones and Doug has always like the bigger lights. Yes, like you I LOVE decorating for Christmas.
    Linda Paul

  8. How exciting to have it up already. Love the homemade decorations. Your tree looks beautiful.


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