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Monday, December 20, 2010

Week End Review: The Early Christmas

I pray you all had a great weekend. Maybe finished your shopping, or finished the wrapping. No matter what you did, I'm glad you stopped by today, after all this is the week of Christmas!

Hubby came home on Saturday morning with a medium hot Caramel Latte for me. OH what  a treat that is because that is not low carb! But since I've not gained anything so far this holiday season, I drank it with glee!!! Thank you for such a sweet treat!  After, we ran the usual errors together - you know stop at this store to pick up that, go there to grab one on of those - nothing special all by itself but we did it together and so that made it special. After all its having some one to share your life with, and also to witness your life that makes life and this season special.

Saturday's Outfit #23

Late Saturday afternoon 2 boxes arrived at our door. One from the West Coasters who sent there gifts to us for under the tree.  Have I told you that I have the best Daughter In Law (DIL).  She sent a card and 3 gifts labeled "To Open Early"  OK you have to know that I have been know to open gifts for me, look at the gift, re-wrap it and then act surprised. I am a great actress when it comes to gifts.  Some family members have resorted to wrapping gifts with clear package tape over all the seams so I can't get it open easily.  I will not mention names here but they are so in trouble!!! Any how I showed Hubby the note and tore into the gifts.  A Christmas tree made from the hand prints of my grandsons, 2 new ornaments for the tree with there cute faces on them and a gold frame (or at least gold paint) of the 2 cutest grandsons in a big Christmas Box!! Plus school photos of them. My heart is full of love and joy for the gifts she sent. Thank you love, that will hold me over till Christmas when we open the others.

I'll tell you about the other box later this week.

Sunday I had our grand daughter over to play with me after morning Worship.  She is so fun and we did a craft that this time I took pictures of.  I glued the sticks together and added the photos on the back then rubbed the top with glue stick and let her shake the glitter all over them.  She likes to "shake - shake - shake" as she says.  Such fun to do a craft with a 21 month old.

After she left we headed off for small group where we continued to study the book of Luke. I really do love our small group. We talk, sing, study, comment and really get to know each better.
Sunday's Outfit #24
So what did you this weekend? I hope you found time to enjoy this week and not just ran around trying to get all things done.

Monday's Outfit #25


  1. I love that you open and rewrap your gifts! that is funny!!

  2. Ha-you sound like my sister who has been known to do the same. I never like to know what's in my packages.

    You're a good grandma for hauling out the glitter : )

  3. I tried once, as a child, to open a gift and re-wrap it. It wasn't the same as being truly surprised on Christmas Day ... so I haven't done it since. ;-)

    Enjoy this week leading up to Christmas!

  4. I posted a pic of my dog on my blog when I first started...it wa taken in the UK but the car is the same and so are the antlers : ) Here's the link if you want to take a peek....



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