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Friday, December 10, 2010

Quick Tip Friday: Pine Cone Fire Starters

OK, so the Christmas rush is on and you just remembered that you needed a gift for a family member. But your budget is spent - what to do? Or you have a good friend and you would love to make her something that she would use? Or you are a crafter that loves to create. Here is a fun fast craft that would make a great gift as well. If you have friends with fire places who use them then these are fun to make and make a great gift for them. Or make them for yourself and use them watching a Christmas Movie with the ones you love. It's also very easy on the wallet.

Here are the supplies:

Collect pine cones if you live in a area where there are lots just laying around. I had some great friends give me some from there yards.

Gather wax - either store bought or candles that have lost there scent, or too small to burn anymore.

Crayons to color the wax if you want to add color or change the color.

Double boiler for crafts -I use a old coffee pot and put it inside a larger pot with water in it.

Pot holders ----Tongs

Cardboard egg crate plus another egg carton lid -you will need the extra lid only the first time because you can then reuse that lid over and over.

Rainbow Flame Crystal (optional)

Wax paper

Start by putting water in the large pot and your wax/ candles in the smaller pot. Melt the wax/candles on med low heat and watch the water to make sure that it doesn't burn dry.

If needed/wanted add the wax crayons for color

In the meantime, separate the egg carton and place the part that holds the eggs inside the lid. Tear the other lid into small pieces and place those pieces inside the egg cups.

I used 1/2 of the lid for this.

Take the Flame Crystals and pour it into a large ziplock bag.

Once the wax is melted and colored the way you like it, take a pinecone and drop it carefully into the wax. Use the tongs to make sure that the pinecone is completely covered then lift it out and let the excess drop off. Place it in the ziplock bag and shake the bag coating the pinecone and then place it on the wax paper. Do another one till you have enough for each egg cup.

Using pot holders, slowly poor wax into each egg cup on top of the small pieces of lid, and top with the cooled pinecones. Slowly poor a small amount of wax over the top. Let cool completely and then remove the bottom lid and cut the cups apart. You can now place them in a bag or box of your choice and give them as a gift. When you are ready to light them, light the cardboard cup no wick needed! See simple.

You can also coat just the pinecones with wax and the crystals and just let them dry on the wax paper, then toss into a burning fire to add color to it. Put them in cute box (or crate) or bag them in a cute Christmas theme bag a you now have two easy gifts to give to those who have and use there fireplaces. Have fun!

Christmas Outfit #15 of the day: Have a Blessed Weekend everyone.


  1. I'll have to bookmark this! Everyone I know right now has a gas fireplace, but a basket of these would make a nice decorative accent for even a gas fireplace! Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

  2. That is an awesome project. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  3. I can't wait to try this. It will make a great gift for my FIL. Thanks for sharing!

  4. what a cute idea with the pine cones! I think I'll have to remember this for next year, but sounds fun and relatively easy to do!

    thanks for sharing it and enjoy the weekend too!


  5. oh i love those pinecones!! what a great idea!! thank you for sharing this great tip :)

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